Titlecard-Miss Dimmsdale Miss Dimmsdale
Catman is one of the judges for the Miss Dimmsdale pageant. He attempts to helps Timmy Turner stop Vicky from cheating in the contest and becoming the ruler of Dimmsdale for a day, although both Catman and Timmy end up captured by Vicky. Timmy manages to use Catman's litter canister to avoid them being boiled in a pot of hotdogs, but Vicky nearly wins the contest. Mr. Turner shows up as a late entry, and Catman votes for him instead, allowing Mr. Turner to win the pageant despite being a man. Catman later asks Timmy for his father's number much to Timmy's dismay.
Titlecard-Catman Meets The Crimson Chin Catman Meets the Crimson Chin
Titlecard-Go Young West Man Go Young, West Man!
Titlecard-9 Lives 9 Lives!
Timmy tries to find Catman a safer job, but he can't find a new job that Catman does well.
Cat-Astrophe Cat-Astrophe
Catman mistakes Sparky for his old archenemy Dogman.
GoneFlushin Titlecard Gone Flushin'
Catman in this episode is known as, "Ratman."
WhittleMeThis Titlecard Whittle Me This
Catman gets confused and thinks Chloe is Catgirl, and he asks her to help him rescue Timmy.
FoP - ND Nuts & Dangerous
CuW - Cat 'n Mouse Cat 'n Mouse
Knitwits(2) Knitwits

Cameos / Mentions

Titlecard-Lights Camera Adam Lights...Camera...Adam!
Catman himself does not appear in this episode, but Adam West does appear as himself, playing the Crimson Chin in a Hollywood movie.
Titlecard-Channel Chasers Channel Chasers
Catman himself does not appear in this episode, but Adam West provides a voice over in the Fairy Taxi which was about to take Cosmo and Wanda back to Fairy World.
Titlecard-Birthday Bashed Birthday Bashed
TheBigFairyShareScare Titlecard The Big Fairy Share Scare
He appeared on a TV screen

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