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What is considered non-canon are characters or terms that were created by an official Fairly OddParents source, such as Frederator Studios, a third party comic publisher such as Nelvana, or Butch Hartman himself; but have been removed from the continuity of the universe either by creative decision, replacement, or an outright contradiction in the plot. Such articles are no longer considered canon. This is different from Fanon, which refer to things created by fans.

Examples of this happening in the show are the characters created by the failed spin-off Crash Nebula, or the King and Queen of Fairy World that only appeared in a video game (in the show, Fairy World is run by a council). Another example of non-canon is Vicky's little brother, who was only referenced and heard on a phone in the pilot episode of FOP. This character has never appeared with Vicky's family despite scenes where the entire family was present, meaning that any explanation for his absence is speculation and most likely this character simply doesn't exist (Pilot episodes are always full of elements/plot changes that never make it into the main show).

Things that loosely fit into the Fairly OddParents universe, such as chapter books, comics, and video games, are still considered canon because they are part of the Fairly OddParents media and were created by Nickelodeon or another official source. In the case of contradictions, whatever is established in the actual show or movies holds more weight over what was established in comics/books/video games.

The live action movie is sometimes accused of being non-canon, but there is absolutely no evidence behind this. The live action movie featured several continuity mistakes (which are common place throughout the series) and was perceived by many as being extremely awkward even for this series, but it is otherwise a part of the Fairly OddParents universe as it was not created by a third party.

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