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The Flag of Canada

Canada is a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy located in North America. It is bordered by the United States of America to the south. Timmy and his parents were going here on vacation however his parents got mixed up with the Turnbaums and were arrested. Timmy then had to get the real Turnbaums to come here so that way the Canadian police would arrest them and release his parents. It is also a country that Norm the Genie wants revenge against though the exact reason why he wants it is unknown (though he claims they have had it good for too long). He was temporarily sent there when Crocker sent his lamp to his Uncle Albert who lives in this country. Albert was unable to rub the lamp since the doctors left him in a straitjacket. The lamp was eventually sent back to Crocker as shown in "Back to the Norm ".




  • All four of Butch Hartman's shows were produced in Canada. Canada will occasionally pop up in a joke.
  • Canada is Cosmo's favorite country in the world.
  • Cast members Tara Strong, Robert Cait and Eric Bauza, alongside special guest Norm MacDonald, were born in Canada.
  • Natives there will often end sentences with "Eh?" a stereotype made popular by characters Bob & Doug McKenzie from SCTV.
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