Country: England
World: Earth
Additional Information
  King Arthur Liebowitz
Merlin the Magician
Sir Finkleburg
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Knighty Knight
Last Appearance:
  The Fairly Oddlympics

Camelot appeared in the episode Knighty Knight when Timmy wished himself and everyone at the Dimmsdale Camelot Fair back to the 15th century.


This medieval city was terrorized by dragons, and the local knight Sir Finkleburg was too cowardly and weak to do anything about it. King Arthur Liebowitz and his uncle Merlin the Magician also lived here, and were trying to get a sword out of a stone. When Timmy came along and pulled it out, the townspeople declared him their King, but they did not know his name, so Merlin said it was Arthur so his nephew would get the credit. Timmy wanted this to happen anyways, and later helps Arthur defeat the dragon and rid himself of his greedy uncle. Arthur then became the new king of Camelot and created the Knights of the Round Table (it was originally named something more complicated but Timmy told him to use a shorter easier name).


Camelot is a medieval fantasy place with knights in armor, dirty peasants, and fire breathing dragons.


Timmy went to the local Camelot Fair but it was extremely lame, so he wished for everything to be back in the real Camelot. He, his parents, and a few other townspeople ended up in Camelot. Timmy's parents were taken away by a dragon, so enlisted the help of Arthur Liebowitz in defeating the dragon. Afterward, the people declared Arthur their King and Timmy returned to his time period.


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Camel-Lot (camel renting).

  • The legend of King Arthur actually took place between the 5th and 6th centuries, not the 15th century.


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