Cake 'N' Bacon

Cake and Bacon Whittle Me This


City: Dimmsdale
Country: United States
World: Earth
Additional Information
  Megan Bacon (owner)
Vicky (waitress)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Vicky Loses Her Icky
Last Appearance:
  Fish Out of Water

Cake 'N Bacon is a diner located in Dimmsdale that serves cake and bacon together.


The Cake and Bacon is a restaurant that serves the odd combination of food found in its name--cake and bacon. It has been the setting of several episodes, although its exact location in the city is unknown, as it is not always seen across the street from the Turner's House. The eatery was opened by Megan Bacon, according to The Past and the Furious.


The small building, located directly across the street from the Turner's house, has a sign with a pig holding up a cake. Strips of bacon plaster the walls. Inside, there are tables and chairs for customers, and the walls and floors are made up of wood planks. However, later on, its design is changed and booths with red upholstery are added, giving it more of the environment of a classic diner.


This restaurant was first introduced in Vicky Loses Her Icky. Mr. and Mrs. Turner decide to drive here, despite it being across the street from their house. While they were sitting in the driveway of their house waiting, an Evil Bug crawled into Mr. Turner, causing him to become as evil as Vicky was before (it was removed from Vicky when Timmy wished she was nice). The bug eventually jumps from Mr. Turner to Principal Waxelplax, who was also eating at the restaurant. The restaurant was seen again in "When Losers Attack", where Mr. Crocker, Dark Laser, and Foop meet after they had all been wronged somehow by Timmy Turner. They form a group called the L.O.S.E.R.S., but after their plans are foiled again, they meet up here to plot their next move when they are approached by Vicky, who wants to help them get rid of Timmy. Vicky is shown to be working part-time as a waitress at the Cake 'N' Bacon. After they fail to get rid of Timmy, Vicky is fired from the L.O.S.E.R.S. though she warns them that she will bring the bear with her in retaliation. As the episode ends, it is revealed that Crocker, Foop, and Dark Laser had just hired Mr. Turner who was trying to find a club to join. The Cake 'N' Bacon makes a reappearance in The Past and the Furious. After Timmy recruits Cosmo and Wanda's previous godkids and brings them to the future to stop Megan Bacon from becoming evil, they celebrate at the Cake 'N' Bacon. Megan Bacon herself serves them, introducing the two house specials--cake & bacon and bacon & cake.






  • In its first appearance, it is located across the Turner's house, but in all other episodes it is never there. For instance, in another episode, the spot is occupied by the Turner's across-the-street neighbors the Chamberlains.
  • Cake 'N' Bacon is a parody of Steak 'N Shake. And probably Pig 'n Pancake.
  • The design of the restaurant was changed starting in The Past and the Furious.


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