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Caged Alien Animals
Species: Aliens
Personal Information
  Zoo Animals
  Death Ball Alien Zoo
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Please Don't Feed The Turners
Last Appearance:
  Please Don't Feed The Turners
Voiced by:
Jim Ward (Orcatron)

The caged alien animals are the aliens Dark Laser caught to create a zoo and raise money to repair his Death Ball.


The aliens were collected from all over the galaxy and brought together in a zoo. They were kept in several glass cylinders. tanks and cages. The only named animal in the episode was Orcatron.


These animals are varied and include sea monkeys, carnivore plants, and the Turners. They were held in the Death Ball, inside a specially constructed "Alien Zoo" that showcased species from various different planets. Dark Laser was using the profits from this zoo, along with his Death Mall, to fund repairs to his Death Ball which had been destroyed by Timmy Turner dozens of times before.


The only alien animal in the episode given a name. He is a parody of Shamu the Killer Whale, the Seaworld mascot. Orcatron is a carnivorous alien space whale that was held captive on the Death Ball. He is a parody of the Seaworld mascot, Shamu the Killer Whale.

Dark Laser used it on a water show with Timmy, where Orcatron ate him, but then spit him back up. Later when Timmy blew up the Death Ball for the "eleventeenth" time, Wanda poofed up Orcatron to eat Dark Laser. Orcatron said that, while not the best, he was tasty, and then swam away in space.

Orcatron in space

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