Buxaplenty Mansion
City: Dimmsdale
State: California
Country: United States
World: Earth
Additional Information
Owned By:
  Buxaplenty family
  Mr. & Mrs. Buxaplenty
Remy Buxaplenty
Juandissimo Magnifico
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary
Last Appearance:
  Country Clubbed

The Buxaplenty's Mansion is a huge estate located in Dimmsdale, where the Buxaplenty family lives.


Remy Buxaplenty lives here with his fairy, Juandissimo, and his extremely neglectful parents. Timmy Turner has been here several times, once to spy on Remy, once to go trick-or-treating, and once to stop Mr. Crocker from capturing Juandissimo.


The building is painted white, and is at least two or three stories tall. The mansion's grounds are surrounded by a short stone fence, and a gate with a gold "B" emblem at the front. Inside, there are paintings and wallpapering of dollar signs everywhere. This mansion is much bigger than any other house in Dimmsdale, including the Tang family's Mansion.


The Buxaplenty Mansion first appears in "Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary", when Timmy Turner tracked down Remy Buxaplenty to spy on him. While spying on Remy, Timmy saw how neglectful the Buxaplenty parents were to Remy (spending only two minutes with him every day), and noticed that Remy's pet ferret was really a Fairy Godparent (a little later, it was revealed that fairy godparent was Juandissimo Magnifico, Wanda's ex-boyfriend). Remy saw Timmy spying on him with his own telescope and also learned Timmy had godparents too. Remy asks Juandissimo why he didn't tell him this. Juandissimo tells him he is not permitted to do that as that is against the Da Rules. After Remy learned what he could do to make Timmy lose his godparents, the two godchildren confronted each other. Despite trying to bribe Timmy to wish his godparents away, Timmy was not willing at all since despite being rich and having a godparent; Remy is still miserable. When Timmy claimed he was happier than Remy and had better godparents than him, Juandissimo felt greatly insulted by this and told Remy to call it, so Remy called a Magical Duel. The group was then transported to the Fairy Stadium in Fairy World to see who gets to keep their godparents. Timmy and his friends also visited the Buxaplenty Mansion while trick-or-treating in "Scary Godparents", where he noticed that the Popular Kids were getting nice treats because of their superior costumes. When Timmy and his friends tried to trick or treat there, however, Mr. Buxaplenty unleashed his guard dogs on them. The Buxaplenty Mansion also appeared again in "Teacher's Pet" when Timmy was tracking down a Mr. Crocker/Animal hybrid that could sniff out fairies and capture them. Timmy was too late to stop Crocker, however, and Juandissimo was captured. Remy did not appear in this instance.


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