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Burger World is a location only seen in the episode, Anti-Poof. It is a fast food restaurant located on a large floating rock in the middle of space.


This restaurant is essentially a fast food stop for space travelers. It was destroyed by Foop after he discovered they were giving away Poof toys in their "Peppy Meals". When Timmy called for help to stop Foop from destroying Poof, he appealed to all Burger World employees. At least one Burger World employee did show up to help. This planet is repaired when Poof was able to successfully make Foop cry (since the latter's crying causes good things to happen).


The restaurant is a small building on a floating asteroid. A large Burger World sign can be seen, while another sign that says "Fly Thru" is also there. The Burger World sign is a planet with a ring on a thin pole.


The inhabitants of this location are Burger World employees and customers.


  • Burger World is a parody of Burger King.
  • The "Peppy Meals" sold at this planet are a parody of Happy Meals, a kids meal that has toys in them, which is sold at another fast food chain, McDonald's.
  • Burger World's shown employee looks human, despite the place being a location in space.



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