• His name and background story is possibly a reference to Bill Buckner, the disgraced baseball player for the Boston Red Sox who lost Game 6 of the 1986 World Series by letting a ball bounce through his legs.
  • Brown paper bags are typically worn to sporting games by fans of a consistently bad team, who place them over their heads as a sign of shame and protest.
  • It's questionable how he became a Major League Baseball player if he's so bad at baseball. In "Scary GodCouple", it's revealed to have a stadium named after him in Dimmsdale, what suggests he was actually an important player before going downhill.
  • Bucky is one of the few human parents in the series known by their full name. The only other parents known by their full name are Dolores-Day Crocker and Clark and Connie Carmichael.

Bucky McBadbat

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