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Titlecard-Foul Balled Foul Balled
Titlecard-MicroPhony Microphony
Titlecard-Sleepover and Over Sleepover and Over
Titlecard-Whos Your Daddy Who's Your Daddy?
Titlecard-Beach Bummed Beach Bummed!
Titlecard-Fairy Idol Fairy Idol
Titlecard-Add-a-Dad Add-a-Dad
Titlecard-Fly Boy Fly Boy


Titlecard-Love Struck Love Struck
No speaking role
Titlecard-The Big Scoop The Big Scoop!
Titlecard-Channel Chasers Channel Chasers
When the future Chester and A.J. blow up Chester's trailer while Bucky is still inside and sitting on the toilet, he remarks "That's it on the Mexican brunches!" as his house explodes around him.
Titlecard-Schools Out The Musical School's Out!: The Musical
No-Speaking Role
Titlecard-Teeth For Two Teeth For Two
Titlecard-Mooooving Day Mooooving Day
Titlecard-Future Lost Future Lost
Mentioned by Chester
Titlecard-Dadbra-Cadabra Dadbra-Cadabra
Scary GodCouple-Titlecard Scary GodCouple
Bucky is not seen in this episode, but The Bucky McBadbat Stadium is seen, revealing that he has a baseball stadium named after him which is quite unusual since he is a bad baseball player.

Bucky McBadbat

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