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The Fairly OddParents episode transcript
"Boy Toy"
Season №: 2
Episode №: 9A
Airdate: March 8, 2002
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This article is a transcript of the The Fairly OddParents episode, "Boy Toy" from season 2, which aired on March 8, 2002.


Cosmo and Wanda used their wands to turn themselves into fairly action figures.

And then Tootie walked into the treehouse and saw Cosmo and Wanda as the action figures "Neat fairly dolls." She picked the Cosmo and Wanda action figures up by putting her fingers around there bodies "I can add Timmy dolls to my Timmy love shine."

"Maybe if you took us to your house Timmy will follow you and try to get us back." Cosmo suggests to Tootie and Wanda to give him a look "What can I have a action phrase?"

"That's a great idea." Said Tootie.

Still clutching Cosmo and Wanda Tootle raced out of the treehouse and all the way home.

Tootie bring .the Cosmo and Wanda dolls into her bedroom

"Now I have two of Timmy dolls to add to my Timmy collection." Said Tootie looking at Cosmo and Wanda.

" Wow she realized got a thing with Timmy." Wanda told Cosmo.

" Well sure he is the dumb I read that in a teen magazine." Cosmo told Wanda.

" Let's play Timmy and Tootie in there juggle home." Tootie said grabbing a toy treehouse " Your me." She told Wanda and then she gets Cosmo " And your Timmy."

She begins by making Cosmo and Wanda mwah faces " Mwah mwah."

"I love you Tootie." Said Tootie as she waves the Cosmo doll thinking it's Timmy talking to Wanda who is Tootie.

" Mwah mwah mwa mwah." Said Tootie mashing Cosmo and Wanda face together.

"I'm dead." Cry Timmy.

"Did somebody say justice?" Asked the Crimson chin he save Timmy.

"Thanks crimson chin doll you totally saved me I wonder why I got so bored with you." Said Timmy

" Check out my back its huge." Said the crimson chin.

"Now I remember your action saying stinks.come on we have to save Cosmo and Wanda." said Timmy running to the house.

"I eat evil for lunch." Said the Crimson chin

"Mwah mwah." Said Tootie making the Cosmo and Wanda dolls kiss together and then she pull the dolls apart.

" Well you're just a dumb girl." Tootie said as she shakes Cosmo up and down playing he is Tmmy

And then she held up the Wanda doll and said " That is okay Timmy I wai for you forever." She snakes Wanda righ and left.

Tootie makes Cosmo make Wanda get all wet with a water gun.

Down in the year Vickle hears Tootie laughing and playing with her new Cosmo and Wanda dolls.

Tootie put Cosmo and Wanda on a toy wedding cake and said " Do you Timmy take your Tootie to be your wife."

so she took them away and almost made them on fire but Tootie stop her.

And Timmy wishes himself big again and give the c

The end