Body of Evil
The Body of Evil mech
Species: Robot
Homeworld: Chincinnati
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The Body of Evil
Last Appearance:
  The Body of Evil

The Body of Evil is a mech created when the Bronze Kneecap, Iron Lung, Copper Cranium, Gilded Arches and Brass Knuckles were put inside the Doctor Robot.



The Body of Evil has parts that correspond with the relevant parts of the villans that make it up. Thus it has the Copper Craniums' head, the Iron Lung's chest, the Brass Knuckles' hands, and the legs are a mixture of the Gilded Arches and the Bronze Kneekacp.


After the Crimson Chin and Cleft defeated the villains and put them away in jail, the villains were concocting a scheme, now that they were in the same jail cell. Just then, Doctor Robot, back from a game of giant golf, freed the villains and stuffed them inside his chest, forming the Body of Evil. Cleft and the Crimson Chin tried to take him head-on, but the Crimson Chin ended up defeated. Timmy realized that the robot was missing a heart, so he called upon his fairies to turn him into the Heart of Gold. As the Heart of Gold comes face to face with the robot, it leaps on its chest, thus turning it good. The robot spat out the villains and put them in separate jail cells. It then skipped away, throwing flowers from a flower basket.

Body of Evil (Team)

The evil team of villains that came up with the plan to band together to form the actual Body of Evil robot.

  • Copper Cranium's skull
  • Iron Lung's chest
  • Bronze Kneecap's kneecaps
  • Brass Knuckles' fists
  • Gilded Arches' legs and feet
Body of Evil

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