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Blue Moon of Vegon
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  Rock Guardian
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The Blue Moon of Vegon is where the legendary Wind Wand that can stop The Darkness is located. It only appeared in Wishology!. It is assumed that the Blue Moon orbits a gas giant called Vegon, hence the name.


This is the location of the Wind Wand, and place where Timmy Turner sacrificed himself to The Darkness so it wouldn't take his friends or family. The Wind Wand was guarded by the Rock Guardian, appointed there by the Fairy Council.


The planet's surface is completely void of any life with only vast blue rocky plains and cliffs being the only thing that can be seen for miles. But beneath its surface lies a beautiful environment with flowers, crystals and wands growing everywhere and ancient fairy temples can be seen atop higher platforms.


The only inhabitant of this planet originally is the Rock Guardian who protects the Wind Wand at all times. However, Turbo Thunder gets stuck on the planet and creates Rocky for company.