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  • She’s apparently in love with Juandissimo Magnifico, Wanda's ex-boyfriend as she was the only one of the judges that like his song in Fairy Idol.
  • Surprisingly, she dyed her hair blonde, but is actually a brunette, revealed by Norm the Genie in "Fairy Idol" when he sprayed her with seltzer.
  • She’s Poof's maternal and only known aunt.
  • She was thought up by Butch Hartman's daughter Carly.
  • In her first appearance, Blonda was voiced by Julia Louis Dreyfus, in later episodes, she is portrayed by Tara Strong (who also voices Poof Cosma-Fairywinkle and Timmy Turner).
  • In the Zappy Awards she was wearing Björk's swan dress.
  • She's the parody of Susan Lucci, in that, despite being favored by fans, has always been passed up for a "Zappy Award" (the Fairy World version of an Emmy Award) for her work on a famous soap opera.
  • Wanda has pink hair, but Blonda has blonde hair. The hairstyle of both characters and Chet Ubetcha were inspired in Wilma Flintstone from classic Hanna-Barbera's The Flintstones.
  • Blonda plays up the stereotype that blondes are always more beautiful/desirable than other women, since she’s "identical yet somewhat hotter" than Wanda, with the blonde hair being what makes her hotter.
Blonda Fairywinkle