Cosmo and Wanda: Happy birthday, Timmy!

Timmy: This looks like a job for... Detour Man! (jumps and falls) Can't fly.

Timmy: Detour Man, away! [jumps, falls again] Still can't fly.

Adam West: And here's to losing your fairies.

Adam West: (about losing your fairies) "It will help when you become a bitter adult with that nagging feeling something's missing in your life."
Crocker: (on floor pounding his fists like a kid throwing a tantrum) "I'm a bitter adult with something missing in my life!"

Vicky: Hey twerp, I got you a present! Happy doomsday, I mean, birthday!

Juandissimo: By the way, the niño needs a diaper change.
Wanda: One?
Juandissimo: Dos.

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