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Bippy the Monkey is A.J.'s monkey he brought to school in "Abra-Catastrophe!".



Bippy is a monkey that A.J. brought to Dimmsdale Elementary School when he thought it was "Monkey Monday", although it turned out to really be Muffin Monday. Bippy appears to enjoy muffins, bananas, and especially banana nut muffins. Timmy Turner seems to be familiar with him, as he knows Bippy by name.


Bippy looks like an ordinary monkey with brown fur and blue eyes. After his world changing wish, Bippy also wears the same clothes and pink hat as Timmy Turner.


In his lone appearance in the television movie, "Abra-Catastrophe!", Bippy was brought to A.J. to school who mistakenly thought it was "Monkey Monday" but it was really Muffin Monday. Bippy was kept locked in a cage and A.J. wouldn't let him eat any muffins, but after A.J. became distracted by a food fight in the cafeteria, Timmy noticed how sad Bippy looked while trapped in A.J.'s cage, so he set him free. Bippy found and ate Timmy's magic muffin and wished that monkeys and apes ruled the Earth. Jorgen then ordered all of the fairies to become the monkey's fairy godparents, causing Cosmo and Wanda to end up as Bippy's fairy godparents.

Later on, Timmy found Bippy in Chimpsdale. Timmy almost succeeded in retrieving the muffin from Bippy, but was captured by Apes. Bippy noticed Timmy being brought to the Apes' forbidden palace to be experimented on and followed him. Bippy attempted to free Timmy and fight off the apes, but was eventually overwhelmed. When Timmy was about to be dissected, Bippy wished that everything was back to normal, although he may have simply had wished for a banana and Cosmo paraphrased it. Bippy's wish was granted regardless, and the world returned to its normal state. Afterward, the Muffin Man passed by with his muffin cart and Bippy was separated from Timmy to go get more muffins. Bippy was seen for the last time after Timmy reserved Mr. Crocker's wish to rule the world, with a wheel wagon full of muffins towed behind him.

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  • Bippy never appears again in the series, although he did appear in one of the comic stories, Fairly Odd Primates.
Bippy the Monkey