Biographical Channel
Genre: History/Educational/Documentary
Channel: 298
Visitors: Future Vicky
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The Biographical Channel is a television channel that appeared in The Fairly OddParents television special, "Channel Chasers". It broadcasts the program Dictator Week, which plays an important part in the movie.


The Biographical Channel is a parody of educational channels such as the History Channel and National Geographic. The week-long broadcasting is also a reference to these channels' special features such as Shark Week.

The program Dictator Week is a reference to the many World War 2-based programs these channels tend to run.


This show appears in "Channel Chasers" first when Mr. and Mrs. Turner try to convince Timmy to not watch Maho Mushi again, due to the violence that he is imitating after he used the violence to ruin both of his parents' jobs and watch The Biographical Channel instead, but he staunchly refuses and ends up being grounded from watching TV. After some other misfortunes involving television and his parents, Timmy wishes for a Magic TV Remote which would allow him to travel into the television. One of these remotes eventually falls into Vicky the babysitter's hands, setting the movie's plot into motion.

After Vicky acquired the magic remote, she soon learned of its potential after using it to win money on a game show. She immediately announces her intent to reach Dictator Week on the Biographical Channel in order to take over the world.

It is never elaborated how or why entering a television program would allow her to do this, but she was indeed successful one time, as Timmy from the future travels back in time using a Time Belt built by A.J. in order to stop her from accomplishing this. It is assumed that in the original timeline, Timmy simply stayed in television universe where he can stay as a kid forever and keep his fairies until it was too late, and Vicky reached Dictator Week unopposed and used an army, along with the magic remote's power, to take over the world. By traveling into the past, future Timmy was able to convince his younger self to stop Vicky in the Maho Mushi program, right before she can enter Dictator Week, and her plans to take over the world are foiled. The future is then shown to be saved, with adult Timmy living happily with his two children Tammy and Tommy Turner.

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