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Binky Abdul
Gender: Male
Species: Fairy
Age: Immortal
Eye color:       Purple
Personal Information
  Jorgen Von Strangle
  Star of Binky TV (canceled by binky's mom)
  Fairy World
  Happy Things
Binky's Dad
Mrs. Abdul (mother)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Cosmo Con
Last Appearance:
Voiced by:
Dee Bradley Baker
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Binky Abdul is a young optimistic Fairy who is regularly featured in Fairly OddParents, usually the victim of Jorgen's bouts of anger and bullying.


Respect my authority!!

He is a good "friend" of Jorgen, and once had his own show called: "Leave it to Binky." He is extremely accident-prone. Despite him being a good friend of Jorgen, Jorgen almost always beats him up and humiliates him. Jorgen finds joy in this, though Binky never truly complains about the constant abuse he takes while Jorgen is around. He doesn't seem to appreciate the sadism Jorgen shows him, however. Binky is quiet much of the time, shows signs of low self-esteem, and acts like a child. Apart from being bullied by Jorgen, Binky doesn't seem to have much personality. His plain appearance seems to only make Jorgen appear bigger, as do all fairies and children. 


Binky has a color purple top and black pants and his clothes' style looks like it's from the Middle Ages. He also has pointy ears like that of an elf. Like all fairies, he has wings, a wand, and a crown.


In the episode "Cosmo Con", it is revealed that Binky once hosted the secret Fairy Convention back during the Dark Ages, but it was known to be one of the worse, due to Binky unleashing the Black Plague on Europe as he believed it to be the name of a band rather than a deadly disease. Angry for this, Jorgen tied him to a spinner to select the next fairy to host the convention and spun him too hard, which caused him to spin for a whole millennium. In reality, it truly wasn't a millennium, but several centuries. Usually, if Jorgen gets angry about something at his favorite TV show "All My Biceps", the first thing he does is to strike a hit at Binky. In "Timmy TV", Binky was the star of a show called Leave It To Binky, however it was cancelled after Timmy made his show. In "Timmy the Barbarian!", when Binky became sick and bedridden, Jorgen Von Strangle read the reluctant Binky a story in which everything Jorgen said came true in Timmy Turner's life. In The Fairly Oddlympics, he is one of the fairies on the fairies team. In Wishology!, he gets eaten by the kid and turns into a bubble which helps him to escape.

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