Gender: Male
Species: Sasquatch
Personal Information
  Denzel Crocker
  Huge Sandals, Razors, playing games
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Crock Talk
Last Appearance:
  Marked Man

Bigfoot is one of the monsters Timmy wished to play cards with in Crock Talk.


Bigfoot is the legendary creature of real-life folklore. A bipedal non-human said to live in the wilderness. It always escapes capture and only supposedly reveals by the trail it leaves.


Bigfoot is a creature with dark brown hair nearly all over its body, and a jagged stripe of lighter brown near its stomach, along with the same lighter brown on his face, hands and legs. Like the real-life legend, he wears a size 50 sandals

He has a large body, being both tall and wide in stature.


Bigfoot was wished to Timmy's room to play cards with him, and is one of the monsters Crocker sees and tries to bring on his web series about magical creatures.

Bigfoot was seen by Crocker in the supermarket buying huge sandals and lots of razors. When Bigfoot saw him, he proceeded to maul him. Crocker showed this on his webshow Crock Talk, and said that if anyone saw a monster, he or she should call him. Dad was the only one who called, and one of the times he called was after seeing Bigfoot on the house, trying to eat his bologna sandwich. Later, when Doug Dimmadome turned Crock Talk into a TV show, he was one of the monsters that came and mauled Crocker, but Timmy and his fairies poofed him back to his homeland.

Later, in Meet the Oddparents, Timmy's parents are recalling the strange things related to Timmy they see, and remember walking into his room to see Bigfoot playing Ping Pong with a cyclops octopus monster.

Bigfoot returns in Marked Man, being captured by the government, while Mark Chang tries to escape being captured as well.

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