• Timmy Turner: I wish for a battering ram!
  • Timmy Turner: (With a battering ram as he destroyed the door of one of Big Daddy's competitors) Uhh.. nobody moves?

  • Big Daddy: Who are you?! Why don't you serve me Prosciutto with this?!
(Mama Cosma gives him a package of prosciutto)
Big Daddy: Grazie!

Big Daddy: You talkin' to me (snore) You talkin' to me?!

Wanda: Why me?! Call my sister Blonda!

Wanda: Alright uncles, What do you think?

Uncle Piero: We have no choice!

Big Daddy: Let's go! my baby's in trouble!

Wanda: Cosmo, wake up! I'm alive!
Cosmo: A bomb in a clever cushion, I remember our honeymoon (looks at Wanda).

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