Dr. Bender and Son

The Benders are a family consisting of the evil dentist Dr. Bender and his son Wendell.


Dr. Bender and Wendell look nearly identical, both wearing similar glasses and possessing perfect, pearly rows of teeth. They always smile an unsettling smile, showing off their pink, fleshy gums. Both talk in a high, shrill voice and both are jerks who pick on people with teeth that are not as perfect as theirs. The only difference is that Wendell is shorter than his father and instead of a white coat with a black tie, Wendell wears a cyan-colored suit with a black bow-tie. The dentist duo are so obsessed with dental hygiene that they constantly brush their teeth and are even making their dog reach oral perfection by making it wear braces. Their yard is decorated with tooth-related statues and is also filled with denture traps. They live in a creepy old house where it's always nighttime, though this is probably just a gag just to show the wickedness of the father-son duo.


Dr. Bender and his son Wendell are first introduced in The Same Game, posing as the main antagonists of the episode. After Timmy accidentally kicks his ball into their yard, the dentist duo emerges and promptly begins insulting Timmy's overbite, so in retaliation, Timmy decides to wish for everyone to look the same so that Dr. Bender could not make fun of his bucktooth, turning everyone into identical, gray blobs. However, since Timmy only changed everyone's outsides and not their insides, Bender is still mean and cruel towards Timmy. After Timmy puts on a pink hat to try to find Cosmo and Wanda and get them to recognize him, Dr. Bender gets everyone to gang up on Timmy for being different, yelling for people to "gray him up."

He is also seen in Shiny Teeth, where he rips out Chip Skylark's teeth after seeing how enchantingly beautiful they are, thus ending Chip's career as a singer and canceling his role in his new music video, "My Shiny Teeth and Me." Luckily, Chip eventually recovers his teeth with Timmy's help, and he becomes a singer once more.

Dr. Bender also plays a minor role in Five Days of F.L.A.R.G., where he senses a disturbance when Mark smashes a bouncy ball into Chester's face during kickball, shattering parts of his teeth. After Timmy gets beaned in the face with the ball, creating a dent in his whole head, Dr. Bender appears out of nowhere and hands Timmy his card. He is much less obnoxious in this episode since he usually mocks Timmy's overbite whenever he gets the chance.

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