The Fairly OddParents episode transcript
"Beach Bummed!"
Season №: 4
Episode №: 52B
Airdate: February 15, 2005
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This article is a transcript of the The Fairly OddParents episode, "Beach Bummed!" from season 4, which aired on February 15, 2005.


Opening (Kids running all along the Dimmmsdale beach)

Elmer: Well, that's what I call a sandcastle!

Sanjay: Yes! it is

(Chester and his dad step onto him)

Chester's dad: Nope, it's what we call our new beach house! WHOA!


Mr. Bickles: (Grabs a lobster) Gotcha! well that's what I call a crabstatic lunch special for...Bickes By The Bay! seafood shanty and spa! My new dream it's finally a reality! Now let's go see what other impressive things they can find on this beach. (Sings running lalalalalalala)

(Inside the sandcastle)

Trixie: Now that's what I call impressive! Timmy how in the world did you build this?

Timmy: (holding Cosmo and Wanda as Bucket and shovel) Well... you know. With a bucket, a shovel and...

Cosmo & Wanda: Fairy Godparents!

Timmy: And a dream.

Wanda: Timmy really impressed Trixie this time.

(Francis stomps Cosmo and Wanda)

Francis: Wow! Nice castle. Let's give it a big round of applause.

(Francis crumbles the sandcastle)

Francis: Hey Turner. As this beach's official bully, it's my job to destroy your sandcastle and...

(check his shorts and pull out a guide) let me check my dumb grey kids guide to beach bullying.

  1. Bathing suit wedgie (Shows Elmer wedgied in a surf table)

Francis: Checked. 2. Replace tanning oil with cooking oil (Shows Timmy's parents burning up)

Francis: Hehe, Here, 3. Kick sand in wimpy kids' face (Throws sand on Timmy's face)

Francis: Haha

Trixie: Hello...are you forgetting something? (Throws sand on Trixie''s face)

Trixie: No!, 4: Take the wimpy's girl

Francis: Umm something that hurts on the inside instead of the outside (grabs Trixie)

Trixie: Bye totally wimpy not muscular Timmy

Timmy: Too wimpy to break free of wimpy sand!

(Lifeguards appears)

Timmy: Hey lifeguard will you help me?

Guy: Sorry wimpy kid. I'm not a lifeguard. I'm with the Dimmsdale sea monster response team, and I know what you're thinking, it's a waste of money. Well, it's not!! But don't worry wimpy dude, the lifeguards are on their way

(Lifeguards running slowly)

Wanda: Look, someone made a sand sculpture of Timmy's head

Cosmo: Let's rip the sand nose off

(Timmy shakes the sand off his head)

Timmy: If only I were stronger... Hey that's it. I got a wish that'll get me out of here, win Trixie back and give Francis a mouthful of his own medicine.

Wanda: Sweetie, it's not a good idea to pick brawn over brain

Cosmo: Do what I did, Pick neither

Timmy: I wish I was the strongest guy on the beach!

(Timmy grows stronger, and shows his stud's biceps)

Timmy: Cool!! I'm not wimpy anymore. Way to go guys! Uh, guys?

(Cosmo and Wanda are buried on sand)

Timmy: Sorry I guess I don't know my own strength

Cosmo: Don't sweat it. And I don't think I could jinx us by saying that you're being super strong couldn't possibly backfire

Wanda: Oh no, we lost our wands in the sand when we landed, Timmy help us find them quick!

Timmy: Right. You guys look over here and I'll check over there by Francis. And maybe I'll kick his buottom lucklily

(Shows Francis kicking sand to Sanjay, Elmer and A.J.)

Francis: Happiness is so much fun. Should be against the law which I always break so hey I don't care.

Timmy: I Guess you blah behind bars!  

(Timmy throws Francis a huge amount of sand with his muscular leg and makes a cell of sand)

Timmy: SAND BAR!

Sanjay: Oh my gosh! His newly muscle self moves with the power increase of the Bengal tiger!

Trixie: Hey What about me?

(Timmy throws sand to her)

Trixie: No! Doesn't anyone read this book? You won. You're supposed to take me back now.

Timmy: Right. Sorry

(Timmy grabs Trixie's ankles and drags her down the beach, jumps on Timmy's biceps, and Timmy playing volleyball, hits the ball very hard and buries Trixie)

Timmy: Man, it's awesome to be the strongest guy on the beach.

Francis: (Shows with a big bulldozer full of sand) Yeah? well you're about to be the strongest guy under the beach

Timmy: Lifeguards won't let you drive a bulldozer on the beach

(Shows lifeguards running slowly)

Timmy: Man they're slow! But they look good

(Francis throws the sand to Timmy)

Francis: Lifeguards ...who's strongest now?

(Zoom to the Bickles By The Bay opening)

Mr. Bickles: And now, here to help me get the news coverage that will make my latest dream come true, my spokesperson Mr Galaxy!. Now step on the beach and cut the ceremonial ribbon, Mr Galaxy!

(Mr. Galaxy steps on the beach and makes Timmy grow even bigger and stronger than him)

Francis: AAAAHHH (Runs away scared of Timmy's growth)

Trixie: Wow that was weird, but who cares! (jumps very excited) You're as strong as Mr. Galaxy!

(Timmy hugs her with his big arms and breaks her back)


Timmy: Oh my gosh, when that guy stepped on the beach I became stronger than him!

(Timmy tries to help Trixie)


Timmy: I gotta find Cosmo and Wanda

Wanda: I Can't find the wands anywhere

Timmy: Guys problem! I'm huge, I'm hurting people and I'm misunderstood!

Cosmo: Just like the IRS

Wanda: What the good news is, and I hope this doesn't jinx anything, unless a whale washes up on shore you won't get any bigger

Timmy: C'mon. We gotta find the wands before something else happens

Wanda: Yeah. I don't wanna be a crab all the time

Cosmo: That's never stopped you before

Wanda: Just dig

Cosmo: I did dig. But all I found was this old baseball card, this ancient lamp and this guy with the big collar and a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

Elvis: Cosmo, promise me you won't tell anyone about my secret underground rock 'n' roll beach kingdom

Cosmo: You got it E!

Elvis: TCB man TCB

Wanda: Cosmo! I found something

Cosmo: Let me guess...another Holy Grail

Wanda: Yay! We got'em

(Bickles catch Cosmo and Wanda with a web )

Bickles: Hooray I got em. Rare pink and green king crabs. For my crabstatic opening lunch special. My dream is coming true! Somebody pinch me!

(Cosmo pinches Bickles' nose)

Bickles: AAAAHH You die first

Timmy: Oh no Cosmo and Wanda have become a nutritious part of Bickles' dream. I gotta save'em

(Francis appears with a huge dump truck)

Francis: Hahah but first, who's gonna save you?

Woman: whale!!

Guy: Don't worry, it's no a seaweed monster!

(The whale makes Timmy grow stronger and bigger than the whale! and makes Francis be open-mouthed)

Timmy: Damn it. What else could go wrong?

(Timmy angrily stomps on the sand and causes a big quake which makes the dump truck flies with Francis to the sea and then this covers Timmy with seaweed)

Guy: It's a seaweed monster! code green code green this is not a drill and not a waste of money. Oh this is not!

(Inside the restaurant)

Cosmo: (While a crab tries to kiss Wanda) Hey she's with me! (Throws fishbowl stones to Cosmo)

Bickles: One crab special coming right up (Cosmo switches places with the other crab)

Wanda: Wow that crab looks pretty mad

Cosmo: If you think he's steamed now, just wait

Bickles: Wow business is booming!

(Timmy enters the restaurant and destroys the entrance freaking out all the customers)

Bickles: Sir do you have a reservation?

(Timmy approaches Bickles and yells at him so loudly that he is shocked, then Timmy rescues Cosmo and Wanda with his large hands and escapes by jumping over the restaurant and destroying it completely)

Bickles: (Totally hurt) I'll see if I can squeeze you in

(Timmy stomps very angrily all over the beach while people stares him freaked out)

Cosmo: Please don't eat me. i'm too young to be an entree

Timmy: Cosmo me Timmy!

Cosmo: Why Timmy talk funny?

Timmy: Where wands?

Wanda: By the beach umbrellas over those guys

(SRT Zeppelin with several tanks lands over the beach)

General: We're not a waste of money! Now prove it and waste him

(Guards throws money on tire)

(Tanks shoots Timmy and fails)

Chester's dad: Revenuers! Son, it's time to defend your home state

(Tank pass over them)

Elvis: Emm are you two man keep it off my sand loan?

(Timmy throws a tank to the Zeppelin)

General: FIRE!

(A tank shoots accidentaly the zeppelin making it fall and to other tanks, and Timmy completely destroys a tank from a stomp)

Finally Timmy rescues the wands and hides inside the umbrellas and goes to normal again.

Timmy: You guys! You are such a waste of money

Guy: Oh man! (goes sadly) I know

Timmy: Phew that was close!

Cosmo and wanda: Phew

Timmy: Well I'm a wimp again and you know what? that's the way I like it

Francis: That's the way I like it too

(Francis grabs Timmy)

Timmy: Look! soap!

Francis: Ahh where!!

(Timmy throws the seaweed onto Francis)

Timmy: Guys! the seaweed monster

Francis: AAHHH (Runs while the tank and the dump truck chases and shoots him)

Wanda: See sweetie? brains beats brwan every time

Lifeguard: Little non muscular boy, do you need help?

Timmy: No, where were you when I needed you to help me, you know?

Lifeguard girl: We're slow, but we look good

Lifeguard guy: Ok guys, back to the guard station, slowly

(They runs very slowly)

Timmy: They look good.. I wonder...

(Cosmo, Wanda, Bickles and Elvis running slowly)

Bickles: A new dream!

Elvis: Oh go on without me 

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