(While kicking sand in Sanjay, Elmer, and A.J.'s faces)
Francis: "Huhuhuh, having this much fun should be against the law, which I always break so I don't care."

Elvis Presley: "Cosmo, promise me you won't reveal the location of my secret rock and roll beach kingdom."
Cosmo: "You got it, E."
Elvis: T,C,B, man, T,C,B."

Mr. Bickles: "At last... rare pink and green crabs. My dream has COME TRUE. Somebody PINCH me."
[Cosmo, in crab form, pinches Bickles' nose.]
Mr. Bickles: "Ow! [gives Cosmo an angry look] You die first."

Timmy: "Guys, help! I'm huge, I'm misunderstood and I keep hurting people!"
Cosmo: "Just like the IRS!"

Elvis: [to Chester and Bucky McBadbat after The Seaweed Monster Response Team destroys their sandcastle and they wind up on Elvis' "property"]: "Do you two MIND getting off my sand lawn?"
Timmy: Cosmo, where wands?

Timmy: (referring to the SMRT) "You guys are such a waste of money!"

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