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Timmy Turner: I'm the best babysitter of all time!

Denzel Crocker: I present you, the CrockBot-9000!

Crocker: A baby! FINALLY! A heir for the Crocker Empire! Thank you birthday candle!

Crocker: One day all this will be yours! Unless the Norweigans find it first..
Poof: Timmy!

Crocker: Look DJ! the best fairy catching device! The crock pot!

Crocker: NO! DJ must be with the fairies, that's the best for him!
Poof: Crocker!
Crocker: No! Be strong DJ! No tears!

Crocker: Fairy in the hole!

Crocker: Table for two please! I always wanted to say that!

Crocker: What's the best way to get a heir? [mirror cracks] I guess marrying is not an option..

Wanda: Wait a minute! Poof is here, but what happened to Timmy?
Timmy: [comes in through the door] Cosmo, Wanda! I... [sees Poof safe] see you got Poof when I tossed him in through the window just now only a second ago since he's been with me all day. [twitches his eyes as he smiles nervously]
Wanda: [suspiciously] Uh-huh?
Timmy: Okay, I'm sorry. Poof bounced out of the stroller! I looked everywhere for him! I'm just glad he's safe. If there's any consolation, I've been attacked by alligators, blown up by the dynamite museum, and swallowed by the Loch Dimmsdale Monster!
Cosmo: See? I told you it was real!
Timmy: I'm still in trouble, aren't I? [Wanda poofs Timmy back to the zoo, where he attacked by alligators again]

CrockBot-9000: Father!!!

Mr. Crocker: [to Poof] Exactly. TO THE CROCKER CAVE!!!

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