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Mr. Crocker: Mother! Can't you see I'm busy...plotting?!

Mr. Crocker: The Arc de Triomphe in Paris, is nothing compared to this, my Arc de Failure!

Mr. Crocker: No! Turner must be destroyed here! So I can get control of his... FAIRY GODPARENTS!

Norm the Genie: Great! If you need me, I'll be over here, waiting for your plan to fail.

Mr. Crocker: Exactly, FAIRIES!

Norm the Genie: That thing on your neck, is that your ear?

Norm the Genie: Just the way I like my shakes, spazzed, not stirred.

Mr. Crocker: Fiddlesticks! Ooh I know. I'll take my frustration on this lamp, by rubbing it until it breaks!

Timmy Turner: What a dumb toy!

Norm the Genie: Hello... insert human's name here, I am the all-powerful genie, Norm!

Timmy Turner: That was one big chicken!

Mr. Crocker: FAIRIES!

Norm the Genie: Whoa! Whoa! Slow down there Hunchback-of-Never-Dated-a-Dame. That's 2 of your 3 wishes right there.
Mr. Crocker: Drat! And I can't use my third wish for more wishes can I?
Norm the Genie: (about using Genie wishes to get more wishes) Actually you can. We tell everyone you can't, but in reality you can, we've been bluffing for centuries.

Norm the Genie: Let me finish. I've come here for my revenge, but that idiot Crocker is driving me crazy.

Norm the Genie: (to Crocker) I'm guessing you've got a big wild social life, don't you?

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