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Babysitters Raging Against Twerps
A.K.A.: B.R.A.T.
Organization Information
Vicky (current)
Lauren Ledergerber (former)
Lauren Ledergerber
Other unnamed teenage girls
Type of Organization:
Evil Babysitters' Club
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Frenemy Mine

Babysitters Raging Against Twerps or "B.R.A.T." is an organization of teenage babysitters that Vicky is a part of.


B.R.A.T.'s goal is to torment twerps. Receiving help from a twerp makes B.R.A.T. look weak, and any such member will be banished. When Timmy saved Vicky from a steamroller (he actually wanted to see Vicky get crushed but Wanda yelled at him to save her), Vicky was banished from B.R.A.T., her only friends, and as a result she became obsessively friendly toward Timmy. When Timmy messes around with her enough to make Vicky snap, she beats Timmy up so badly that the B.R.A.T.'s accept Vicky back into their ranks, but Vicky continues her angry tirade and makes herself leader. They were all last seen stuck in a puddle of tar, about to be crushed by a steamroller. This time, however, Timmy decides to sit back and watch as the steamroller crushes Vicky and the other B.R.A.T. members.

Known members

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