Francis: I know you're in here, Turner! I'll find you even if I have to turn over every defenseless baby here!

Cosmo: Wanda, the babies, they know we're Timmy's fairies! They can see us!
Wanda: Sure they can see us, but that doesn't matter because babies brains are so tiny, they won't remember any of this anyway when it's over!
Cosmo: Whose brains are tiny? Remember what?

(Happy Peppy Gary and Betty shut the door on a bunch of gators chasing them)
Gary: Somebody sing the "I-Don't-Want-To-Be-Eaten-By-A-Gator" song! [Betty starts playing a ukulele, but Gary takes it away] I WAS BEING IRONIC!

Pops: So long, suckers!

Francis: It's Baby-Bites-A-Lot! Get him!

Happy Peppy Gary and Betty: Fun box, oh Fun Box, Small and square and dark. Fun Box, Oh Fun Box, Check out these cool fun locks. Yeah!

Timmy: I wish Vicky had a fish head! (Cosmo and Wanda grant Timmy's wish)

Happy Peppy Betty: I'm running out of rhymie-whymies.
Happy Peppy Gary: That was one!

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