Uses: Teleporting the user to Timmy Turner's room, or when combined with a Game Buddy, anywhere
Additional Information
Built by:
  Cosmo and Wanda
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Jimmy Timmy Power Hour
Last Appearance:
  Jimmy Timmy Power Hour

The Auto-Poofer is a magical device that poofs the user to a set location from any other place in the universe of parallel universes. It is shaped much like a pen capped with a star. It's one and only appearance has been in the Jimmy-Timmy Power Hour. The Auto-Poofer's magic is apparently quite adaptable since it was easily able to combine with a Game Buddy to create a teleportation device. It is alternately referred to as a "Poofer".


In its only appearance, the Auto-Poofer was wished by Timmy Turner when Crocker was chasing after him in search of Fairy Magic. Sending his godparents home and out of danger, Cosmo and Wanda left the Auto-Poofer with Timmy so that he could return to his room when he pleased. Faced with the danger of not having a science fair project to present at school, Timmy wished to be in the greatest lab in the universe which brought him to the lab of Jimmy Neutron in Retroville. During their fight over the rights to the technology, Jimmy accidentally activated Timmy's Auto-Poofer and was sent to Dimmsdale, leaving Timmy with no way home. Timmy found a laser pen and, being in a new "bulgy" world where everything looked different to him, assumed it was his Poofer.

Meanwhile, Jimmy and the Auto-Poofer returned to Timmy's room and Jimmy assumed it to be a scientific teleportation pen along with Cosmo and Wanda for holographic reality-bending supercomputers. Being forced to go to Dimmsdale Elementary School, Jimmy was surprised by Timmy's bad grades and bragged of his scientific teleportation pen which Crocker realized was powered by magic. Poofing back to Timmy's room, Jimmy tried to use it to return to Retroville but discovered the Auto-Poofer was limited to Timmy's room. Finding a Game Buddy, Jimmy adapted the two and created a true teleporting device. However, Crocker burst in and stole it, using it to teleport the group to Fairy World. Crocker used the device to poof into the Fairy Armory and steal dangerous magical weapons. After knocking down the Big Wand and rendering the Fairies powerless, Jimmy used Cosmo's crown to make an electromagnet which he used to retrieve the Auto-Poofer. Jimmy then poofed back to Timmy's school and used the science fair technology to create a robot that could distract Crocker while Jimmy restored power to the Big Wand. With Fairy World saved and the Fairies' magic restored, Timmy contacted his fairy godparents through the device and wished the two were once again in their own hometowns.

After the adventure, Timmy was still left with no science fair project. Jimmy, perfected the Auto-Poofer and sent his robotic dog Goddard to Timmy as his project which won him first place. The Auto-Poofer is never said to have returned to Dimmsdale after that so it can be assumed it is still in Retroville.

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