Arch Enemy
Season Webtoons, Episode 4
Titlecard - Arch Enemy
Premiered: 2001
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Arch Enemy is the fourth episode of the Crimson Chin Webtoons.


While the Crimson Chin and Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder are taking a break from crime-fighting, the encounter the Gilded Arches destroying movie theatres.


The Crimson Chin and Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder were going to the movies and taking a break from their crime fighting. The Gilded Arches popped up and smashed the theater. He was a former child star whose feet and legs grew when he hit puberty, while the rest of his body stayed small and scrawny. The Gilded Arches was trying to destroy any theater that no longer showed his movies.

Feet on the theatre

The Gilded Arches about to step on the theatre.

He was particularly angry at Someguy, the Asian American Movie House. It was the most famous theater in Chincinnati that never let the Gilded Arches put his feet in their cement. The Chintastic duo defended the theater, but knew they couldn't do it forever, so they tried to find his weakness. That's when the Crimson Chin realised his weakness was his heel.

Cleft used his Utility Cleft to use a feather on the Arches' heel. Once the Gilded Arches felt it, he was unable to fight due to uncontrollable hysterics. The Chin then slammed the villain with his chin and into Chincinnati Jail, where the other three villains were waiting.

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