Chatty: Hello, Timmy. I'm your virtual assistant, Chatty. I come complete with games, a camera, an MP3 player, and a burning desire to control your life!
Timmy: What?
Chatty: ...I mean, unlimited texting.

Virtual Cosmo: "I'm Cosmo. And I like candlelit beaches and long walks over dinners! And my favorite color is bleach!"
Real Cosmo: "Wow what a coincidence, bleach is MY favorite color, too!"

Sparky: (on driving the car and sticking his head out the window) "Well, I guess I can try". (walks away, scene zooms out to Timmy on bed) "I CAN'T DRIVE! (crashes offscreen, Timmy continues to play with his phone)
Wanda: "Sport, put down the phone! It's time for you to go back to school!"
Timmy: "You're right, Wanda, I should go to school...(gets out of bed) brag about my new phone!" (shaves his beard)

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