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Ape Warriors
Species: Ape
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Bippy the Monkey
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  Vicky Gets Fired!

The Ape Warriors are the intelligent and armored rulers of Chimpsdale and all of Earth after they became the dominant species due to Bippy the Monkey's Fairy-versary Muffin wish. They are also Vicky's army in Vicky Gets Fired!


The apes serve mainly as goons and a threat to all Humans, particularly Timmy, who was trying to find a way to change things back to normal before he was captured by the apes.


They wear segmented armor reminiscent of what the Romans wore, with red pieces of cloth between the joints.


In "Abra-Catastrophe!", Bippy got a hold of the magic muffin and made the wish to make Apes the dominant species on Earth, turning the whole world into a jungle. When the Apes were considered the dominated species by Da Rules, Humans had to live like they were a caveman and were considered slaves, wearing nothing but yellow loincloths. The apes would also torture and experiment on those who would dare defy them, as was the case with Mr. Crocker and Francis. Eventually, Timmy was able to change things back to the way they were, and the apes were never seen/ or heard again, after that.

The apes appeared once again in Vicky Gets Fired!, this time acting as Vicky's army when she attempted to take over the world. Factions of ape soldiers were shipped to her in giant wooden crates from an unknown source, which was usually contacted by her secretary, Betsy, whose appearance is also never revealed in the episode.


  • The battle armor that the apes wear is similar to what they wear in Planet of the Apes, the movie that this segment of The Fairly OddParents is based on.
  • Another group of intelligent apes was seen hiding in the jungle in "Information Stupor Highway", but they were actually intelligent/sentient apes and not the result of a wish.

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