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  • Anti-Wanda [speaks with stereotypical "redneck" drawl]: "And I'm the Anti-Wanda. I'm incredibly stupid and eat with my feets." [picks up sandwich with her feet and takes a bite out of it]

  • Anti-Wanda: "It's true, y'all. Check me out! I look like one of them teeny little runway models. [She takes a hot dog] 'Cepting for my teeth [and bites it] and the fact that I'm eating food."

  • Anti-Wanda: "My Anti-Cosmo sure was right when he said you'd be so busy looking in the laundry basket you'd never think to look under this thing."
  • Anti-Cosmo: "Oh, Anti-Wanda, I do love you so much, but you are such a twit."
  • Wanda [replying to Anti-Cosmo's sentence]: "I feel your pain".

  • Anti-Cosmo: "Cheer up my beloved Anti-Wanda. Your savior Anti-Cosmo will have you all free presently."
  • Anti-Wanda: "Hear that warden? We're breakin' outta here and nothin' you can do 'bout it!

  • Anti-Wanda: "Howdy y'all!"
  • Anti-Cosmo: "Oh yes! Howdy indeed! We are free! Free!!!!"

  • Anti-Wanda: "Cannon ball!"

  • Anti-Wanda [While giving birth to Foop]: "Oh! I'm so happy, I could 'xplode!"

  • Anti-Wanda: "Oh look! His first act of unbridled rage! Where's our camry?"
  • Anti-Cosmo: "Eh, you ate that too, you ninny."

  • Anti-Wanda [After Foop turned her into Care Fairy]: "He's so young and already so successful!"

  • Anti-Wanda [After Foop fell asleep]: "I know he tried to destroy y'all. But you gotta admit he's so gosh darn cute when he's asleepin'!"

  • Anti-Cosmo [sees that Timmy downloaded the recipe to his brain]: "It looks that Timmy Turner has what we came for. And you mocked me for buying X-Ray glasses from the back of the comic book".
  • Anti-Wanda [replying to Anti-Cosmo's sentence]: "Why do we need them brownies anyway? We can win the bake-off with my Road Kill Critter Cake"!
  • Anti-Cosmo: "No offence dear, but no one wants a dessert that hunts mice in a sewer. We need that brownie recipe!"

  • Anti-Cosmo: "Have you found anything in his brain yet?"
  • Anti-Wanda [replying to Anti-Cosmo's question]: "I haven't even found his brain yet".
  • Cosmo: (Disgiused as Timmy) "I'd look a little lower."
  • Anti-Wanda: "Found it! And I think I got somethin'. It's a recipe! [duh]"
  • Anti-Cosmo: "The brownies! Yes! Bring the recipe and start baking!

  • Anti-Cosmo: "What have you done woman?! There is nothing on that plate!"
  • Anti-Wanda: "Don't blame me! I followed that recipe exactly! [duh]"