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This article is about the transcript of the episode Anti-Poof, from season 7, which aired on July 10th, 2009.


[A TV shows the FNN logo, with the FNN acronym entering to the screen sliding down (from left to right), then with the "breaking" word entering to the screen in the same way (from left to right) under the "FNN" and with the word "news" entering to the screen in the same way (from right to left) under the "breaking". The screen then opens to reveal Fairy Hart]

Fairy Hart: -"I'm Fairy Hart for the Fairy Channel coming to you live with this breaking news!"-

Fairy Hart (while the citizens of Fairy World are shown expecting something): -"The citizens of Fairy World are waiting in breathless anticipation..."-

[Every citizens reunite into a crowd, inhale profusely and, literally, contain their breath]

Fairy Hart: -" they're about to get the answer to the question that's on everyone's mind! What did Baby Poof buy at the mall!"-

[The mall's doors open to reveal Cosmo with a box of diapers, Wanda riding Poof on his baby carriage and Timmy coming with them. The camera then zooms out to reveal the crowd of Fairies cheering up, two vans from the FNN and three helicopters from the FNN]

[Several arms, with photo and video cameras, put the cameras in front of Timmy and his godfamily's faces and start taking photos and filming. The flashes annoy them]

Wanda: -"Oh! For crying out loud! We just came to buy diapers...for Cosmo!"-
Timmy: -"Wow! I keep forgetting what a big celebrity Poof is!"-
Wanda (in reply): -"Well, he is the only Fairy Baby in existence!"-

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