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Anti-Fairy World Pet Store
World: Anti-Fairy World
Additional Information
Owned By:
  Grim Reaper
Other Evil Pets
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Man's Worst Friend
Last Appearance:
  Man's Worst Friend

Anti-Fairy World Pet Store is a location in Anti-Fairy World which only appeared in Man's Worst Friend.


Anti-Fairy World Pet Store is a place where evil pets live. It is also the home of Anti-Sparky and the Grim Reaper.


When Foop wanted to make Timmy and his parents miserable, he decided to head into the Anti-Fairy World Pet Store to find the Anti-Fairy counterpart of Sparky, "Anti-Sparky".

Unlike what happened to Timmy and Sparky in Fairly OddPet, Foop and Anti-Sparky didn't get along that much but Anti-Sparky decided to agree to switch with Sparky anyways.

So Foop switched Sparky with Anti-Sparky by letting Sparky chase a ball around the world and then let Anti-Sparky cause chaos around the Turner family.

The plan worked so the Anti-Fairy Council decided to order Foop into replacing all of the pets in Dimmsdale with all of the evil pets in the Anti-Fairy World Pet Store and let them 'cause chaos around the city.

Fortunately, the plan failed when Timmy, his fairies, and Mr. Crocker freed all of the Dimmsdale pets.



  • One of the evil animals looks exactly like Dudley Puppy and Keswick from another Butch Hartman show, "T.U.F.F. Puppy".

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