"I'm so happy, I could 'splode!" - Anti-Wanda, while giving birth to Foop.

Anti-fairy Pregnancy is the total opposite of Fairy and Seahorse Pregnancy. In Fairy and Seahorse pregnancy, it is the males that give birth to the babies. Fairy pregnancy lasts three months and Seahorse pregnancy lasts 40 days and while ready to give birth, the Fairy will feel severe pain. In the case of Poof, he had to be wished out since no one knew how to deliver him. It is unknown if there is another way to deliver a fairy baby other by wishing for one. However, in Anti-fairy pregnancy, it is the females that have the babies just like in human and dog pregnancy. It takes 4 to 6 weeks for an anti-fairy to have a baby and the anti-fairy won't feel anything and the pregnancy will last 4 to 8 weeks. In fairy pregnancy, it will last three months.


There are five stages in Anti-fairy pregnancy that a female Anti-fairy must go thru before giving birth to an Anti-fairy baby.

Stage 1

The female Anti-fairy will have strange cravings for objects that don't taste good (such as doorknobs or pillows) and will eat more constantly that is about the same in dog Pregnancy.


Anti-Wanda having cravings.

Stage 2

The female Anti-fairy, like all pregnant people, will go thru mood swings and overreact to most of the situations.


Anti-Wanda going thru mood swings.

Stage 3

The female Anti-fairy's stomach will bonk her face, smack the floor and bounce the mother around as the baby expands, meaning that the baby is turning upside down and wildly kicking inside her uterus.

Stage 4

The female Anti-fairy will throw up an "Anti-Vomit", which consists of pretty butterflies, in contrast to the purple grape jelly that Fairies throw up. The butterflies are thrown up alive!


Anti-Wanda throwing up on Anti-Cosmo.

Stage 5

When ready to give birth, the female Anti-fairy's stomach will inflate like a balloon until it

Anti-Wanda's stomach begins to inflate while giving birth

explodes in a large cloud of smoke, resulting in the birth of the baby. During labor, the Anti-fairy feels no pain and actually enjoys the experience and her stomach will turn back to normal after popping, and because Anti-fairies do not have godchildren, the baby is born naturally (without magical assistance). Also, the labor is a little bit quick, just like the labor in Fairies, with the difference that the Anti-fairy labor doesn't need a hospital to deliver an Anti-fairy baby because the baby can get out alone, without any wish or medical help.


  • Anti-fairy pregnancy is close to Human pregnancy and Dog pregnancy, because it is the females that gives birth instead of the males.
  • Anti-Wanda is the only Anti-fairy to be seen pregnant on-screen.
  • Anti-fairies seem to be similar to Yugopotamians, because Anti-Wanda pukes butterflies, instead of human vomit or purple grape jelly and Anti-Cosmo states that that's Anti-Vomit. This reveals, along with another facts, that Anti-fairies think that beautiful things are ugly, as opposed to Fairies and Humans who think pretty things are pretty and ugly things are horrible.
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