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Anti-Fairy Goggles
Timmy Turner with a pair of these goggles.
Uses: To be able to see
Powered by: Fairy Magic
Additional Information
Created by:
  Cosmo and Wanda
Production Information
First Appearance:
  That Old Black Magic
Last Appearance:
  That Old Black Magic

Anti-Fairy Goggles were a pair of devices that were needed by Timmy Turner to see the Anti-Fairies on Friday the 13th.


These "stylish" glasses, as described by Cosmo, allow the wearer to see the otherwise invisible Anti-Fairies that are causing bad luck all over the world. In their next appearance, the concept of Anti-Fairies being invisible to the naked eye was dropped, making these glasses unnecessary.

Description: The glasses are teal colored, and have a large sensor apparatus on top of them which is constantly blinking. Viewing through the glasses causes a blue tint.


These glasses only were used in the episode That Old Black Magic, which introduced the Anti-Fairies. The glasses were the only way to see the Anti-Fairies, who always escape on Friday the 13th to cause bad luck. With the glasses on, Timmy could see the Anti-Fairies were behind all the trouble he was encountering during his trip to Adrenalland.

Timmy later uses the glasses to make sure that Anti-Cosmo isn't the real Cosmo after he was mistaken for him.

Later, in "When Nerds Collide!", when Anti-Cosmo is trying to break out the Fairy World prison, Jorgen changes Da Rules, so that Anti-Fairies can be seen on Earth. So, after this, these glasses are never used or needed again to see Anti-Fairies.

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