Anti-Fairy Council Chambers
Anti-Fairy Council Chambers
World: Anti-Fairy World
Additional Information
  Anti-Fairy Council (Series)
Anti-Fairy Council (Live Action)
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First Appearance:
  Scary GodCouple
Last Appearance:
  Blue Angel

The Anti-Fairy Council Chambers is the location of where the Anti-Fairy Council reside.


It is the headquarters of the Anti-Fairy Council, and seems to be where they plan their evil. Unlike Anti-Cosmo's Castle, other Anti-Fairies are not usually present for these plans, unless they were summoned by the council.


The building is coloured dark blue, with spiked towers coming out of the top and a sign that says "Anti-Fairy Council Chambers. Above the sign are two black bat wings joined together. The building is surrounded by one line of barbed wire and is flanked on the front and left side by sharp rocks.




  • Anti-Cosmo seems to make evil plans at his own castle, which are completely unrelated to the evil plans made here.
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