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  • Anti-Cosmo calls Cosmo an "ignorant boob" many times in "The Gland Plan".
    • He called Cosmo that 6 times in the whole episode.
  • Although Anti-Cosmo is the opposite of Cosmo he still loves his wife, Anti-Wanda, and son, Foop.
    • In other similarities he has with Cosmo is that Anti-Cosmo is also very powerful as him, and their both destructive but by Cosmo, it's only random or by accident, while Anti-Cosmo spreads misery on purpose.
  • In That Old Black Magic, Anti-Cosmo has no fangs but instead, he has redneck teeth similar to Anti-Wanda's. In "The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2", Anti-Cosmo's canine teeth are jagged ones. In Balance of Flour his canine teeth look like Foop's teeth.
  • Anti-Cosmo is one of the main antagonists in the Gameboy Advance edition of Breakin' Da Rules.
  • Apparently, Anti-Cosmo is a sore loser as seen in "Balance Of Flour".
  • Anti-Cosmo occasionally calls other characters "Clarisse" (notably The Gland Plan when he doesn't have his monocle on and calls Wanda "Clarisse"). This is a reference to the Hannibal Lecter movies.
  • Throughout the series, Anti-Cosmo's canine teeth change into different fangs.
  • His Bowler hat changes shape in almost every episode that he is in.
  • He is the second person/fairy to have a body similar to Timmy's, the first being Cosmo.
  • Anti-Cosmo has a tendency to say "Tally ho!".
  • He did not have Foop while Cosmo had Poof.
  • Unlike Cosmo, he doesn't call Timmy by his name, instead, he calls him Timothy which is Timmy's first name.
  • He is the only character who was present for the birth of Foop and Poof (though he was disguised as Rip Studwell for Poofs birth)
  • He made his last physical appearance in "Balance Of Flour"
  • Cosmo loves red meat, so Anti-Cosmo probably doesn't
  • When Mother Nature zaps Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda in Balance Of Flour. It was shown that Anti-Cosmo has a bone in his bowler hat.