Anti-Cosmo's Castle
World: Anti-Fairy World
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Production Information
First Appearance:
  Fairly Odd Baby
Last Appearance:
  Blue Angel

Anti-Cosmo's Castle is the home of Anti-Cosmo and the main capital of Anti-Fairy World.


This location is the headquarters of Anti-Cosmo, and acts as his evil lair. It is here where the Anti-Fairies gather to discuss their plans for world domination. Anti-Wanda also gave birth to Foop here in the episode, "Anti-Poof". The sign over the castle's entrance says "Anti-Cosmo's Castle Welcome. Not!"


The castle is colored black and dark blue, with sharp spiked towers and a purplish colored Rainbow Bridge covered with spines. The castle is usually seen surrounded by dark or red ominous clouds.


view from above.


Anti-Cosmo's castle first appeared in "Fairly Odd Baby", where Anti-Cosmo was seen plotting alongside his fellow Anti-Fairies. It was also seen as a fish bowl version in "The Fairly Oddlympics" The castle was also seen in "Anti-Poof" where Anti-Cosmo was despising the fact that Fairies are worshipped for their accomplishments while Anti-Fairies don't get any of that. Anti-Cosmo was also despising the fact that there was no Anti-Poof despite that there should be an Anti-Fairy for every Fairy. After seeing some of the strange traits that Anti-Wanda was going through, Anti-Cosmo realized that Anti-Wanda was going to have a baby. This led to Foop being born which Wanda was able to sense due to her motherly instincts.

Anti-Cosmo, Anti-Wanda, & Anti-Poof's Castle in fish bowl form

Fish bowl form.



  • The Castle was first introduced in Season 6 of the TV series.
  • It's the opposite of Cosmo and Wanda's Castle.
  • Foop was born in the castle.
  • The castle is up in the sky whereas Cosmo and Wanda castle is underwater, and is much more spacious on the outside.
  • Even though Anti-Cosmo no longer appears in the series, the castle still makes appearances due to also being the home of Foop.

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