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The Anti counterparts to the Cosma/Fairywinkle family, consisting of Anti-Cosmo, his wife Anti-Wanda and their son Foop. They all reside in Anti-Cosmo's Castle in Anti-Fairy World.

Anti-Cosmo's and Anti-Wanda's extended family have not been seen in the series. However, as there is an Anti counterpart for every fairy, their family tree will mirror that of their fairy counterparts.

Known Members

Extended (Unseen)

Anti-Cosma Family

  • Anti-Gonzo Anti-Cosma (Anti-Cosmo's grandfather)
  • Papa Anti-Cosmo (Anti-Cosmo's father)
  • Mama Anti-Cosma (Anti-Cosmo's mother)
  • Uncle Anti-Harry (Anti-Cosmo's uncle)
  • Aunt Anti-Potter (Anti-Cosmo's aunt)
  • Anti-Schnozmo Anti-Cosma (Anti-Cosmo's older brother)

Anti-Fairywinkle Family

  • Anti-Cadabra Anti-Fairywinkle (Anti-Wanda's grandmother)
  • Big Daddy Anti-Fairywinkle (Anti-Wanda's father)
  • Anti-Piero Anti-Fairywinkle (Anti-Wanda's uncle)
  • Anti-Carmine Anti-Fairywinkle (Anti-Wanda's uncle)
  • Anti-Blonda Anti-Fairywinkle (Anti-Wanda's twin sister)
  • Anti-Guido Anti-Fairywinkle (Anti-Wanda's cousin)

Family Tree

Grandpa Anti-Fairywinkle
Nana Anti-Cadabra
Grandpa Anti-Gonzo
Grandma Anti-Cosma
Anti-Big Daddy
Anti-Wanda's Mom
Papa Anti-Cosmo
Anti-Mama Cosma
Anti-Blonda Anti-Fairywinkle
Anti-Wanda Anti-Fairywinkle Anti-Cosma
Anti-Cosmo Anti-Cosma
Foop Anti-Cosma

Family Gallery