• (Inside the household)
  • Rooster: Cock-a-doodle... whatever.
  • (Inside Timmy's room. Cosmo and Wanda make a bored yawn)
  • Timmy: (in his pajamas) Here we go. Another boring day....
  • (Inside the kitchen)
  • Dad: Sports, same. News, same. Weather - HEY!
  • Timmy: What?
  • Dad: (throws newspaper away) Same.
  • (Timmy puts his head down; Timmy, Chester and A.J. at a boring day at school; Outside the schoolhouse)
  • Timmy, Chester and A.J.: See ya.
  • (Back at the house at night)
  • Timmy: Man, this TV show sure is boring.
  • (Cosmo and Wanda poof into soda and popcorn)
  • Mom: (comes in the living room) Guess what boring movie we rented. 
  • Dad: (puts a VHS tape in) The boring dog who would shoot boring Hoop.
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