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  Timmy's Secret Wish! (mentioned)

Abracatraz is Fairy World's maximum-security prison where the most dangerous prisoners are kept. It is known as Jorgen's prison stronghold. It is where the Anti-Fairy baby, Foop, was kept. It is a parody of the real jail, Alcatraz and one of many Fairy World Prisons.


This prison appears to house both Fairy and Anti-Fairy criminals. Jorgen is usually working here, guarding the place and feeding the most dangerous prisoners. 

The prison made its first appearance in Wishology! It is where the Eliminators imprison all the fairies, in addition to Timmy Turner's friends and loved ones. 

The prison would reappear in the following episode, Anti-Poof, where Foop is eventually locked up. He wouldn't last long here, as he would escape in his very next appearance, Playdate of Doom. This would end up being the last appearance of Abracatraz as a result, aside from being mentioned in Timmy's Secret Wish!


Abracatraz resembles a spooky castle and has a sign in front that reads "Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Here Enter". The walls are made of purplish colored bricks, both inside and out. To get to the maximum-security cells, one must pass through a number of security doors (and Haitian door beads) before they can get to the area where super dangerous prisoners like Foop are held. Foop's cell has a shatter/magic proof glass instead of bars. Inside the glass, he has drawn scribbles and insults on the walls toward Poof

Abracatraz in the episode, "Playdate of Doom."

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  • The prison's name is a portmanteau of the famous magic word Abracadabra and the infamous American prison Alcatraz in San Francisco. Until its demise, Alcatraz was also a maximum-security prison.
  • In the episode, The Gland Plan, there was another maximum-security prison called Fairy World's Maximum Security Prison and it is shown that prison was used to house the most dangerous criminals in Fairy World, however, it looks completely different from the one seen in Wishology and Anti-Poof, whether Abracatraz is a remodeled version of the old one or a different prison is never explained.
  • The setting to the prison is also similar to the fictional prison of Azkaban of the Harry Potter series.
  • The sign that reads"Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Here Enter" is supposed to be written like this: "Abandon All Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here".

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