Abra-Catastrophe! DVD
Series: The Fairly OddParents
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  July 15, 2003
The Fairly OddParents: Abra-Catastrophe! is the DVD release of the made-for-TV movie Abra-Catastrophe!

Official summary


Back of the DVD.

This is the official summary from the back of the DVD:

It's Timmy Turner's Fairy-Versary, celebrating having fairy godparents for one year. Cosmo and Wanda are throwing a big party for him, with every magical character Timmy's ever met in attendance, including Santa And Mrs. Claus. The Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy. Jorgen Von Strangle is there too, with Timmy's most special gift- a Fairy-Versary muffin, which allows the person who eats it to be granted a rule-free wish!

But while everyone's celebrating inside, something sinister is lurking in the street below. There, inside a van equipped with Fairy Detection Devices sits Timmy's twisted teacher and fairy hunter, Mr. Crocker. He'll stop at nothing to capture a fairy and become Supreme Magical Ruler of the Universe. And that just might happen when the Fairy-Versary muffin falls into his hands, uh, mouth. It's an Abra-Catastrophe!


Title card # Title Original airdate
"Abra-Catastrophe!" July 12, 2003
Timmy has gone a year without losing his fairies, so he receives a magic muffin that allows him to make one rule free wish. Before Timmy can however, the muffin falls into the wrong hands. First, a lab monkey that wishes the world to be ruled by apes. Not only that, but Mr. Crocker is onto Timmy's fairies, and plots to capture one and use its magic to rule the world.

Special Features

  • Cosmo and Wanda's audio commentary (secondary audio track on DVD)
  • Photo Galery
  • Storyboards
  • Behind the scenes


  • This is the first The Fairly OddParents DVD and VHS ever.
  • This is the only DVD to not contain any bonus episodes.
  • There's a similar version from this DVD, by Nelvana Limited.
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