The Fairly OddParents episode transcript
Season №: 3
Episode №: 27-28-29
Airdate: July 12, 2003
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This article is a transcript of the The Fairly OddParents episode, "Abra-Catastrophe!" from season 3, which aired on July 12, 2003.


Part 1

(The episode starts with Timmy Turner in his bed)

Timmy: No, no. I'll never tell you my secret.

Cosmo: (as Darth Vader) Tell me your secret, Timmy Turner!

Timmy: I'll never tell you my secret!

Meesa: Stop. Me not think you two should be fighting bla bla bla bla bla. (Falls off the handrail)

Cosmo: (as Darth Vader) Timmy, join me. The bad side is stronger.

Timmy: I'll never join you!

Cosmo: (as Darth Vader) But on the bad side you get to wear black. And look at this cape. Girls dig the cape.

Timmy: I don't care what girls dig! I'm ten!

(Cosmo cuts off Timmy's hand)

Timmy: Hey, I've only got two of those!

Cosmo: (as Darth Vader) It's okay. In the end, you get another one. A really cool robot one.

(Timmy hangs on to the handrail)

Timmy: How do you know all this?

Cosmo: (wearing a Darth Vader-style costume) Because I am your father... (Removes the mask) your godfather! Ha-ha, give me five!

Timmy: (lets go of the handrail) Cosmo, you idiot! (Screams and falls)

(...and there he goes.)

Timmy: Mom? Dad? Oh no, they've left me to got to parts unknown FOREVER!!! (Bawls)

Timmy's Dad: Ha! Timmy believed our first little white lie and I got it all on tape.

Timmy: (stops crying) I'm alone, but I'm a precious gift from above. I can't be left alone.

Vicky: Well, well. What a precious little gift from above you have here. (headbutts Timmy Turner and gives Timmy Turner enrichment) I can't wait to spend time protecting and enriching your young child so you can have the freedom to go out into the world and be the adults you've always wanted to be for the last eight years.

Timmy's Dad: I hate to share my son's childhood with anyone.

Vicky: I'll videotape whatever you miss and edit it all together so it's on one convenient tape.

Timmy's Dad: Um, when you put it like that, we're out of here!

Timmy's Mom: I'll get our coats.

Timmy's Dad: Forget it! At the speed we'll be having fun the friction will be us warm.

(Timmy's parents run outside and the door shuts.)

Vicky: Sonic boom. Not bad.

Timmy: Hi, Vicky, I'm

Vicky: Go. To! YOUR ROOM! (laughs maniacally)

(Vicky uses a flamethrower to burn down Timmy's enrichment.)

Timmy: No. Not my enrichment. (Vicky pulls out the childhood tape of the video cassette) GAAH, MY CHILDHOOD!

Part 2

Timmy: Wait a minute. Monkey world is gone and humans rule again? Is this what Bippy wished for?

Part 3

Timmy: The Fairy-Versary muffin! And now for my rule-free wish. (Eats the fairy-Versary muffin) I wish Cosmo and Wanda were my godparents again. (burps)

Cosmo: Wow, that was quick.

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