The Fairly OddParents episode transcript
"A Wish Too Far!"
Season №: 1
Episode №: 3A
Airdate: April 13, 2001
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This article is a transcript of the The Fairly OddParents episode, "A Wish Too Far!" from season 1, which aired on April 13, 2001.

Chester: Hey, A.J.

A.J.: Yeah?

Chester: Why did the orange go to the doctor?

A.J.: Who cares? It’s just gonna end in a pun.

  • [The bus stops]

Timmy: Oh my gosh, It's her! Trixie Tang.

Chester: Here we go again.

  • [Chester and A.J. mimic Timmy's every move as he talks]

Timmy: She's the prettiest girl in school, and today, she's gonna sit next to me.

A.J.: What makes today different?

Timmy: Today, she's gonna have a place to sit. Bye! [Timmy pushes Chester and A.J. off the bus seat] Chester and A.J.: Ah! [Timmy puts a reserved sign for Trixie in their place]

Trixie: [after she gets on the bus] Ha-hem.

Bus Driver: Oh, Sorry. [into the announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, the lovely and popular, Trixie Tang! [as he talks spotlights light up and a disco ball appears]

  • [Trixie walks past the seats in the bus]

Tad and Chad: Hi, Trixie.

Trixie: Hello popular boys, Tad and Chad.

  • [Tad and Chad sigh contentedly and slump down on their bus seats. Then Trixie walks past Veronica]

Veronica: Hey, Trixie.

Trixie: Hello, popular girl, yet less popular than me, Veronica.

  • [Then Trixie walks past Timmy]

Timmy: Hey, Trixie.

Trixie: Hello, empty bus seat.

Timmy: Darn it! Why doesn't she like me?

  • [Chester and A.J. pull away the reserved sign and get back on their seats]

Chester: Dude, you're not popular.

A.J.: You see, popularity charts work out like this. [A.J. pulls out a pie chart] Rich kids, 58%. Unpopular kids, 27%. Jocks, 20%.

Timmy: Where am I on the chart?

A.J.: [points the 'other' section on the chart] 'Other' with me, Chester, and that kid with the boil.

Elmer: Hi, Trixie.

Trixie: [as she walks past] Hello, other empty bus seat.

Timmy: Popular, huh? I can do that.

  • [Scene changes to the cafeteria where it's lunch time. At the popular kids table, there a violinist playing]
  • [after Timmy gets his lunch, he walks to the popular kids table]

Popular Kids: We're so popular.

Timmy: Hi, everybody.

  • [Veronica glares at Timmy]

Veronica: Guys, I keep glaring at him, but he won't leave!

Tad: Group glare!

  • [Tad Chad Veronica & Trixie glare at him while Timmy just stands there]

Veronica: It's not working!

Chad: Quick, Plan B.

  • [Tad Chad Veronica & Trixie lift up their table and carry it away. Then the violinist goes to stand beside Timmy while playing a sad melody]
  • [Scene changes to the school hallway, where Timmy walks past the toilets]

Timmy: [reads the signs on the toilets' door, as he walks past] 'Girls'...'Boys'."Popular girls","Popular boys"?

  • [as Timmy tries to go in the popular boys toilet the Bouncer comes out and stops him]

Bouncer: Hey whoa, hang on there, little not popular boy. Denied.

Timmy: Aw, come on!

Bouncer: Don't blame me. blame the chart.

  • [Scene changes to Timmy's house, in his bedroom]

Timmy: I can't believe I'm not popular.

Cosmo: Sure you are, Timmy. Your friends love you and so do we.

Wanda: Just look at our chart. [holds up the chart]

Timmy: 99.9% Timmy...0.1% other? What's the other?

Cosmo & Wanda: Timmy!

Timmy: Duh, you guys are my Fairy Godparents. You’re supposed to love me. Let me think. What do these popular kids have that I don’t?

Cosmo: Besides the clothes and the looks and the money and stuff?

Timmy: Hey, That's it! You guys could give me the stuff to make me popular!

Wanda: But you'd be making friends for the wrong reasons.

Timmy: So?

Cosmo: Well, you can't beat that logic.

  • [Scene changes to outside Timmy's house the next morning]

Mr. and Mrs. Turner: Bye, Timmy. Have a nice day at school. [they drive off in the car]

Timmy: OK, you guys, my parents are gone. Come on out!

  • [Cosmo and Wanda as squirrels jump out from a bush]

Cosmo: Hey, Timmy. You should see the nuts we just--

Timmy: Ah-ah-ah! bus coming. Popularity needed. Move it.

Wanda: You could say "please".

Timmy: Fine, Please move it. I wish I had clothes like the popular kids.

  • [Cosmo and Wanda raise their wands and poof up popular clothes for him]

Timmy: He-He Yeah!

Wanda: Uh, Timmy, aren't there two words you'd like to say?

Timmy: You're right. Pinky ring. [he raises up his finger as they poof up a ring] Awesome!

Wanda: Oh, look. the bus. [she points to the bus that just stopped outside Timmy's house] Well, I guess we're done.

Timmy: Wait, You gotta come with me in case I need some more stuff. I wish you guys were cool hip hop medallions.

  • [Cosmo and Wanda poof themselves into medallions]

Wanda: Today's gonna drag on forever.

Cosmo: Is today over yet?

  • [Scene changes to Timmy on the bus]

A.J.: Timmy?

Chester: Dude, you look positively popular. Where'd you get all the stuff?

Timmy: Internet...Uh, inheritance? I inherited the internet. [then as Chester and A.J. sit on the bus seats beside him] Ah-ah-ah. seat's taken. [and he shoves Chester and A.J. off the seat]

A.J.: By who?

Timmy: Trixie!

Chester: And where are we supposed to sit?

  • [at another part of the bus]

Elmer: [to Chester and A.J.] Hi, I'm Elmer. This is my boil, Bob.

  • [then as Trixie walks by Timmy]

Trixie: Timmy Turner?

Timmy: Mm-hmm.

Veronica: No, it's a trap! No kid could get so popular so quick!

Trixie: [after shoving away Veronica] My Spazzmo friend does have a point. You've got the popular clothes. Let's see your popular smile.

Timmy: [whispering to Cosmo and Wanda] I wish I had shiny teeth. [then Timmy shows his extremely shiny teeth to Trixie and Veronica]

Veronica: My eyes! My perfect blue eyes! [runs away]

Trixie: Wow! May I grace you with my presence?

Timmy: It'll be your honor.

Trixie: Oh, you're good. [as she sits down beside him]

  • [Scene changes to the school at the end of the school day, all the kids run out of the doors]
  • [Veronica still blinded by Timmy's teeth bumps into a wall, then misses a step and falls. Then Tad, Chad, Trixie and Timmy walk out]

Chad: My parents said we could get together at the country club.

Trixie: Well, my Mom said we could take the limo and go to Skippy Cheese's pizza place and then buy it. [giggles]

  • [they all look at Timmy]

Timmy: Uh, my parents are out of town and, uh, they said we could have a party after school, at my, uh mansion.

Chad: Wow! that kicks the crud out of my plan.

Trixie: Bye, Timmy. We’ll see you later at your fancy mansion party!

  • [Tad, Chad, and Trixie walk off]

Timmy: I am so totally popular.

Chester: Creep.

Timmy: Oh, hey, guys. How's it going? [Chester and A.J. look at the Bouncer behind Timmy and tremble] Guys? Hey, what's-

Bouncer: These two not popular boys bothering you?

Timmy: No, no, it's fine.

Bouncer: Want I should explain the chart? [holds up the chart]

Timmy: Really, I'm on it.

Bouncer: OK. [walks away]

Timmy: Look, there's a party at my house tonight. I'm popular. You guys come, you get popular. Okay? Super. Ta! [walks off]

Chester: He's moved to the dark side of the chart now.

A.J.: You don't mean...

Chester: I'm afraid so. [holds up a pink hat like the one Timmy usually wears] Elmer, you're the new Timmy.

Elmer: Neat! Can my boil have a hat, too?

  • [Scene changes to Timmy's house]

Timmy: [to Cosmo and Wanda] I wish you were back to normal. Hey, about today? It seemed like I got on your nerves with all my wishing.

Wanda: Well, it was the selfish, thoughtless, rude, abrasive way you wished that annoyed us, sweetie.

Timmy: Yeah, I thought so. So, I made you a list of what I’ll need for the party tonight at my mansion. [holds up a long list]

Cosmo: [after he looks at the list] But Timmy, you don’t have any of these things.

Timmy: That’s where you guys come in. Just make with the magic, okay?

Wanda: But you’ll just be making friends because of the stuff--

Timmy: Ah-ah-ah, did I wish for a moral?

Wanda: No.

Timmy: Let’s get shallow. Ready? Party favors! Stereo! Balloons! Butlers! Chips and dip. Soda. A disco ball. [Cosmo and Wanda poof up each item as Timmy wishes it] And now a mansion to put it all in.

  • [As they raise up their wands, it makes a fizzling noise]

Timmy: Hey! What gives? I'm still in a house house.

Cosmo: Our wands have been shut off.

Timmy: By who?

  • [suddenly they all get transported to a courtroom]

Timmy: Huh? Where am I? I'm in Fairy Court?

Judge: Order! order! [while slamming his gavel] The case of the fairies against Timmy Turner is now in session.

Timmy: What's going on?

Wanda: You're being sued by Fairy World and Jorgen Von Strangle is the persecutor.

Timmy: Don't you mean "prosecutor"?

Wanda: No!

Cosmo: I gonna be the defense attorney.

Wanda & Timmy: No!

  • [Cosmo poofs himself into the defense attorney in a suit and glasses]

Cosmo: And for my first legal maneuver, I'd like to make a motion. [he starts dancing and sing "Dee"s to a rhythm]

Jorgen: I'd like to approach the bench.

Judge: Very well.

Jorgen: Spot me, tiny fairy. [Cosmo stands behind Jorgen, who lifts a huge barbell] I call to the stand... Timmy Turner!

  • [Timmy gets transported to the stand]

Jorgen: Timmy Turner, is it true over the last few days you wished for new clothes, jewels, and a new house in order to obtain new friends?

Timmy: Yes.

Jorgen: Ah! Your witness.

  • [Cosmo approaches the bench]

Cosmo: Hi, Timmy, Look. I’m a lawyer! [he puts on a fireman's hat] Now I’m a fireman. Whee! [to the jury] Now, I’m just a simple fairy/lawyer/fireman, but Jorgen misses the point. There are many redeeming qualities to Timmy. [to Timmy] Isn’t it true that you also wished for new shoes, new sunglasses, butlers and shiny teeth?

Timmy: Yes.

Cosmo: What a selfish punk! The defense rests.

Wanda: That’s your laser-targeted defense?!

Cosmo: I’m a fireman, not a laser technician. [he poofs up lab goggles and a white coat] Now I’m a laser technician.

Jorgen: One last question. After bestowing all these wonderful things upon you, did you ever once thank your fairy godparents?

Timmy: No. I...I guess I didn't and I should have, and I'm really sorry.

Judge: Well, he said he was sorry.

Jorgen: GRRRR! [he aims his wand at the judge]

Judge: I mean, guilty! Timmy Turner, you lose your godparents.

[the crowd of Fairies gasps]

Timmy: No-o-o-o-o!

Cosmo: [after seeing Wanda glaring at him] Don't look at me. I'm just a coal miner.

  • [scene changes to another part of the courtroom]

Timmy: Guys, I’m sorry.

Wanda: Oh, that’s okay, Timmy. Tomorrow we’ll--

  • [then both Cosmo and Wanda fall into each other's arms and sob]

Jorgen: Time to go home, tiny, ungrateful, Earth boy.

Timmy: [he takes his hat off] Here, I want you guys to have this.

Wanda: Oh, your only pink hat!

Timmy: Oh I can always wish for... Oh... right.

  • [Jorgen then poofs Timmy home]
  • [Timmy is transported back to his room and lands on a table]

Timmy: Where am I? [looks at self] My clothes! they're still coo!. And the party gifts... They're still here! The party! Cosmo, Wanda, I can still be popular, I can- [Then he sees the empty fishbowl. He walks up to it and looks determined]

  • [Scene changes to outside Timmy's house, when the party guests are arriving. Then Tad, Chad, Trixie and Veronica see Timmy dressed in his usual clothes, but without his pink hat]

Trixie: What happened?

Veronica: Trixie, it's a trap see, I told you. I knew. See?

Timmy: Guys, I don't have a mansion or a party or any of that stuff. I just faked it to get you to like me.

Trixie: But it worked.

Timmy: Yeah, but I want friends who like me for who I am, not what I have. [to Chester, A.J.] I'm sorry I didn't figure that out earlier.

Tad: Whoa. I never thought of it that way.

Timmy: Really?

Chad: Yeah, but who cares? We're rich! Hey everybody, except Timmy, Chester, AJ and the boil kid, party at my yacht!

  • [the other kids cheer and run off with the popular kids]

Trixie: Hi, I think it was really sweet the way you stood up for your friends and... I Better do this quick...[she kisses Timmy on the cheek]

Timmy: Wow! you want to stay and hang with us?

Trixie: Are you nuts? There's a party on a yacht. Bye empty bus seat... I mean Tommy.

Timmy: She almost remembered my name.

Chester: [takes the pink hat off Elmer's head] Here you go, dude. [hands the pink hat back to Timmy] Welcome back.

[Elmer looks sad and walks away]

Timmy: Hey, wait! [puts the hat back on Elmer] Now you're first runner-up Timmy.

Elmer: Really?

Timmy: Yep. And in the event the real Timmy fails to fulfill his duties, you become Timmy.

Elmer: Uh, has that ever happened?

Chester: No.

Elmer: Cool. I have a dream!

  • [At the Fairy Court, Como, Wanda and the judge are seeing what Timmy did on a screen]

Wanda: Does that look like a bad kid to you?

Judge: No, no it doesn't. Hmm-mm. I rule in favor of the defendant,

Jorgen: Hey, but, your honor, I...

  • [Wanda glares at the Jorgen with fire in her eyes and hair]

Jorgen: I agree. On one condition!

  • [Scene changes to Timmy's room where Timmy stares sadly at his empty fishbowl]

Timmy: I miss 'em already.

  • [then Cosmo and Wanda poof back]

Cosmo: Hi, Empty Bus Seat.

Wanda: Did you miss us?

Timmy: Only a whole lot! [he gives them both a hug]

Wanda: The judge saw you stand up to the popular kids and decided to give you another chance.

  • [then Cosmo and Wanda poof up Timmy's pink hat]

Timmy: Woo-hoo!

  • [Jorgen poofs in with an explosion]

Jorgen: But you were still ungrateful, And for that you must pay! [he raises his wand and causes a huge boil to appear on Timmy's face, then he poofs away]

Cosmo: Wow, with a boil that big, you aren’t going to anything social for a while.

Wanda: Too bad all this party stuff has to go to waste.

Timmy: Hmm... Or does it?

  • [scene changes to Cosmo and Wanda sipping tea at a floating table]

Wanda: Wow, It sure was nice for Timmy to throw us a party for a change!

  • [Timmy, dressed like a butler, walks up to serve his godparents, covering the boil with his hat]

Timmy: More tea, Mr. and Mrs. Godparent?

Cosmo: Sure!

  • [Timmy accidentally drops the hat, revealing the boil]

Cosmo & Wanda: Ew!

  • [the Bouncer appears out of nowhere]

Bouncer: If You want, I should explain the chart?

Cosmo & Wanda: Yes!

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