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A Million Wishes is a song featured in the episode, "Timmy's Secret Wish!". It is performed by Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda, celebrating Timmy's one millionth wish.



Wanda: Since you were a youngster you had a cruddy life
Cosmo: An evil babysitter who chased you with a knife
Wanda: Your parents they would feed you but wouldn't play at all
Wanda and Cosmo: Till two little goldfish came and changed it all!

Wanda and Cosmo: A million wishes never done before
A million wishes
Timmy: Like a magic candy store

Timmy: Mountains of pudding
Wanda: A pizza castle,
Cosmo: Copies of your dad
(Hi Timmy!!)

Cosmo: You went to other planets,
Deep inside the earth,
Wanda: Played with superheros,
Wished for Cosmo to give birth (Poof Poof!)
Cosmo: You made a booger monster fifty stories tall
Wanda and Cosmo: If it could be wished for you wished for it all.

Wanda and Cosmo: A million wishes, a magic tidal wave
Wanda and Cosmo: A million wishes
Cosmo: I have no time to shave

Timmy: Comics, cookies and rocket roller skates
The first kid President of the United States

Getting stuff was awesome, nothing could compare
A multi-colored dinosaur, and super stretchy hair

The best part of the journey, the thing that was the ball.
All: Was my new best friends who loved me most of all!


  • This song is likely a parody of the song, "Pinball wizzard", by The Who.
  • When Vicky was chasing it is unkown how old he was but it is possible that he was 9 at the time.
  • One of the toys on Timmy's toy wave is actually Dudley Puppy, the main character of Butch Hartman's show T.U.F.F. Puppy. It's not the first time a character from other show created by Butch appears in Fairly OddParents. As an Easter Egg, in 2004, Danny Phantom made a cameo appearance on "Crash Nebula".
  • First time Timmy was seen picking his nose (and booger can be seen).
  • The scene when Cleft and The Crimson Chin flight in this song, it parodies part of the opening card for the 1966 TV show, Batman.
  • The stretchy hair, cloned dad's, and Cosmo giving birth to Poof returns as a part of the song.
  • The Pizza Castle is a possible reference to "The Bully" episode from SpongeBob when Patrick was calling SpongeBob and thought he was talking to "Pizza Castle".
  • The lines "Copies of your dad", "Played with superheroes", "Wished for Cosmo to give birth", "The first kid President of the United States", and "super stretchy hair" reference the episodes: "Add-a-Dad", "The Big Superhero Wish!", "Fairly Odd Baby", "School's Out!: The Musical", and "Hairicane", respectively.

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