The Fairly OddParents episode transcript
"A Fairly Odd Christmas"
Season №: 8
Episode №: MOVIE
Airdate: November 29, 2012
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This article is a transcript of the The Fairly OddParents episode, "A Fairly Odd Christmas" from season 8, which aired on November 29, 2012.


[Elfs say Santa]

Dave: Ladies and Gentle-elfs, may I introduce the the holiest, the joliest, the bell of the jelliest, your Santa Claus.

[Santa Walks Outside]

Santa: Ho Ho [And Elfs screams]

One of the Elfs: I love you Santa

Santa: Hold it people, hold it down. Ho Ho, Christmas Carol.

Carol: Here, sir.

[Santa puts up a cookie and sits]

Santa: Send in the Christmas Lists.

Elves: Lists.

Carol: Bring in the Nice list!

Elf girl with a very loud voice: I REPRESENT TO THE NICE LIST.

Carol: Bring the Naughty List!

[Santa does it like it is bad]

[Elmer the elder Elf pulls up]

The Same Elf: Elmer the Elder Elf, Keeper of the Naughty List, sure we only get to see him once a year.

[Elmer gives Carol the Naughty List]

Carol: Thank you, Elmer. Sir, her are your lists, Nice.

[Elves cheer]

Carol: And Naughty.

[Gives Santa the Naughty List]

Santa: Thank you. Alot of familiar names on here. Some people never learn, I guess they are getting coal again, this Christmas.

[Carol Breathes out]

Santa: But, enough negativative, now lets see all the boys and girls who will be getting their christmas wishes, this year.

[Elves cheer and Santa Ho Ho's]

Santa: Eh, Christmas Carol.

Carol: Yes, your joliest.

Santa: What is going on. Who gave Albert his piano and who gave Jane her cookling set. [Yells words] WHO'S MESSING WITH MY CHRISTMAS LISTS!

[In the sky, we see Timmy and the gang in the van]

Timmy: Best Day ever, Wishful Thinking is on a roll!

Tootie: 3,000 wishes granted today.

[Poof tries to speak]

Wanda: Strange, ever since Poof said his first words, his has never been able to say another.

Tootie: Maybe, he hasn't  found his true voice yet.

Cosmo: I have been told my voice is irrating, of course I don't believe it. [Screams] WHAT DO THINK, WANDA.

[Wanda' head whirls]

Timmy: Ok, guys time to grant more wishes, we going in.

The gang: Lets do it!

[Map shows the wishes]

A girl that speaks Spainsh:  [In English, she said] I wish I had real unicorn.

[Unicorn appears]

Same girl: [In English, she said] I like it alot.

Cosmo: [In English] Your Welcome

Timmy: Just a couple more.



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