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  • Vicky's Cheer:
Who's the girl who sucks her thumb? I am! I am!
One, Two, Three, Four
I shoplift from every store!
I lie a lot, I cheat in school,
I'm scared of cows and love being cruel
I pick my nose when no one looks and wipe it on your history books!

Winston:It reminds me of the hunt!

Cosmo: Aah!! "Dear Diary, I'm scared of the hunt!"

Timmy: Vicky, Dunsworth's beng attack by the fat, pink squirrel you don't like!
Vicky: Hey, how'd you know I didn't like that pink squirrel?
Timmy: Uh, uh, internet? [Vicky shoots a truth serum dart at Timmy] I READ IT IN YOUR DIARY!! [Vicky cowers over Timmy] Don't you want to save Dunsworth from the wrath of the cute, pink squirrel you think is overweight?

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