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A.J.'s Dad
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Gender: Male
Species: Human
Eye color:       Teal
Personal Information
  A.J.'s family
  A.J.'s House
Dimmsdale, CA
A.J.'s Mom (wife)
A.J. (son)
Production Information
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
  Birthday Battle (cameo)
Voiced by:
Kevin Michael Richardson
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"Bee's! Too many bees!"
— A.J.'s Dad

A.J.'s Dad is a minor character on the show who appears sometimes along with his son A.J..


A.J.'s father is said to be wealthy, and he and his family live in a nice house. His job occupation is unknown, but it is possible that he is a scientist or researcher, since his house contains many gadgets and inventions, such as a laser he programmed to ward off Chester.


A.J.'s father is a bald, short and chubby man who is of African ancestry. He wears a blue sweater vest (said to be a "chick magnet") like his son A.J., and also like his son he is very smart, but like any other parent on the show also tends to be dimwitted enough to be duped into hiring Vicky. He also does not like to do actual camping since it showed in "Who's Your Daddy?" that he is against actual camping as he'll get dirty and as such he would do camping only through virtual reality helmets.


He made a brief appearance in the episode "Sleepover and Over", where he joyfully informed his son and Timmy that he had installed a parental block on every channel except for the Major Geek Channel, which was showing nothing but antelope. A.J.'s Dad then blocked out the animal violence from that channel too.

He has also appeared along with other parents in episodes such as "MicroPhony" and "School's Out!: The Musical" where he is among the parents leaving his kids under the care of Vicky and sending them to Camp Learn-a-Torium.

A.J. and his father were also seen watching a movie together in the episode Fly Boy, even though this movie was rated too scary for Timmy to watch. It is possible that he let A.J watch this because he is smart enough to know that it is just a movie with special effects

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