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  • This is the last episode where Catman was voiced by Adam West. In his next appearance, he is voiced by Jeff Bennett.
  • Catman has 8 lives instead of 9, because earlier in the episode, he got hurt.
  • This is the second time Cosmo and Wanda are disguised as humans.


The Old Lady

Wheel of Cheese

  • 9 Lives! - The title is a pun on the myth, "Cats have 9 lives".
  • Batman - The scene when Catman is catching the mice while the action was punctuated by superimposed onomatopoeic words is a clear reference to the show.
    • Adding by, Adam West starred as Batman in the show.
    • The Old Lady's costume that she wore by the end is identical to Robin's costume.
  • SeaWorld - The name of the aquarium where Adam got his first job "Ocean World" is a parody of Sea World.
  • Ranma ½ - Shampoo the Orca Whale is named after Ranma ½' character, Shampoo.
  • Let's Make a Deal - The players of Wheel of Cheese are dressed as mice similar to where the players dressed up as something.
  • Bill Gates - The part where Catman says "Bill was a computer maker from..", he might be referring to Microsoft' founder. 

Running Gags

  • Something involving churros.
  • Catman getting fired from a new job that Timmy helps him find.
  • At the beginning, Catman keeps landing on the Old Lady while she's being robbed, with the robber thanking Catman.


  • When Timmy says Catman lost 8 lives and that he only has 1 life left, Catman is actually hurting himself another time after Timmy says that he has 1 life left. But in the beginning, he actually hurt himself 5 times. However, he could have hurt himself after those 5 times.
  • When Timmy is watching the game drinking soda and holding Wanda, as a cotton candy, and Poof, as a flag, the woman by his side has no nose.
  • In one part, Catman should have seen Cosmo, Wanda, or Poof due to the fact that he was right in front of them.

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